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[Festival] Have a time to ease your minds with 7th Daegu International Jazz Festival

Daegu International Jazz Festival Poster

Though jazz festivals are unusual events in Korea, you can enjoy it in Daegu! Every August, the world-famous Jazz artists show the fabulous performances with wonderful techniques in Daegu International Jazz Festival. At the last festival, George Garzone, who is called the last maestro of saxophone in this era, had an outstanding performance and got a lot of attention. In this year, the other great jazz artists will surely present marvelous performances. If you need something to heal your tired mind, came and enjoy the Daegu International jazz festival! 

Programs in August, 22 (at outdoor theater)

Jazz Band, White Day - 19:00 l White Day
White Day ranges over a wide variety of genres including ballad, swing and hip-hop which have popular appeal with jazzy melody. Recently, they released an album containing the music that produced by arranging pieces of classical music for jazz, and received a lot of attention and love from jazz lovers.
* Band members

Bass: Park Dong Hwa / Piano: Lee Yoon Sun / Guitar: Kim Dong Kyun / Saxophone: Nam Hyun Uk/ Drums: Hong Seong Hyun

Phillit Quintet- 19:30 l Philliy Quintet
Philliy Quintet is a jazz band that consists of piano, drum, base and vibraphone which they harmonize around. Being gathered the young musicians, who have outstanding musical ability and pursue modernistic sounds on the base of swing rhythm. The band tries diverse rhythms and arranges existing music to new sounds.
* Band members

Vibraphone: Jeong Sang Won / Piano: Kim Yoon Kon / Bass: Jo Yong Won / Drums: Jo Jae Yong

Im Mi Seong Quintet- 20:00 l Im Mi Seong Quintet
Though their album contains mainly stylish repertoires and they also perform  popular performances like film music, singsong, jazz, and standard, etc.
* Band members 

 Vocal: Im Mi Seong / Piano: Heo Seong U / Bass: Choe Min Ho / Drums: Kim Yoon Tae

Programs in August, 23 (at Grand Performance Hall)

Vitold & Nam Kung Yoon Quintet- 19:00 l Vitold & Nam Kung Yoon Quintet
Nam Kung Yoon, the main pianist in the group, has careers like winning the best performance on Jazz & Cross over from Korean Music awards and the best record player from Detroit, United States. This great jazz band plays in diverse festivals and concerts by going around the world.
* Band members

 Vocal: Lee Ju Mi / Piano: Nam Kyung Yoon / Bass: Vitold Rek / Drums: Seo Mi Hyun

Philyoon Quartet- 19:30 l Philyoon Quartet
‘Reminiscences of mom’, the Philyoon’s second album is evaluated as a masterpiece showing quintessence of jazz with a great technique.
* Band members

 Drums: Philyoon / Piano: Lee Myung Gun / Bass: Heo Jun Ho / Saxophone: Lee Jong Won

Shawn Pikler & Charlie Jung Quintet- 20:00 l Shawn Pikler & Charlie Jung Quintet
The group has a lot of supports from critics by perfectly playing a variety of genres like electric blues, Gospel R&B and acoustic jazz sound etc.
* Band members

 Drums: Shawn Pickler / Guitar: Charlie Jung / Bass: Lee Sun Yong / H.Organ: Seong Gi Mun / Vocal: Park Jae Hong

Programs in August, 24 (at Grand Performance Hall)

Ronn Branton Quartet- 19:00 l Ronn Branton Quartet
The performance of Ronn Branton is intellectual, lyrical and delicate. The lyricism of his own and dreamy melody that could feel only from his performance make the audience hooked on the music.
* Band members

Piano: Ronn Branton / Bass: Ryan McGillicuddy / Saxophone: Richard Rho/ Drums: Sin Dong Jin

Apple Jazz Orchestra- 19:30 l Apple Jazz orchestra
Apple jazz orchestra is definitely the best one in Korea, which started in 1999, and have over 200 times experiences on stages till now. As a team consists of well- skilled members, it shows an challenged position in the world of jazz.
* Orchestra members

 Flute: Kim Eun Mi / Alto: Sax Lee Sang Jik , An Ho Jin / Tenor Sax: Nam Hyun Uk, Lee Dong Young / Bari: Sax Kim Sun Dong / T.P: Kim Wan Sun, Kim Yae Jung, Kang Sae Min, Kown Seong Won / T.B: Kim In Kyung Jeong Jong Hwa, Kim Jin Uk, Park Yun Jeong / Vibraphone: Bek Jin U / Guitar: Kim Jeong Sik / Piano: Kim Youn Gui, Bin Hwa Pyung / Bass: Jeon Seong Won / Drums: Kim Do Youp / Peroussion: Kim Nam Hoon, Kim Jin Hwan

[2014  Deagu International Jazz Festival]

  • Program

8.22 Fri

8.23 Sat

8.24 Sun
White Day
Vitold & Nam Kung Yoon Quintet
Ronn Branton Quartet
Philiyoon Quartet
Philyoon Quartet
Apple Jazz orchestra
Im Mi Seong Quintet
Shawn Pikler & Charlie Jung Quintet

  •  Ticket prices : VIP (50,000 krw) / R (40,000 krw) / S (30,000 krw)
  • Date: August. 22. 2014 ~ August. 24
  • Place: Grand Performance Hall & Outdoor Theater in Ayang Art Center (아양아트센터 대공연장 & 놀이마당)
  • Address: 1084, Hyomok1-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu (동구 효목 1동 1084)

[How to get to the Ayang Art Center]

- By subway : Take line 1, get off at the Ayanggyo station and take toward exit 3.
- By bus: Take one of the buses; 106 , 521, 651 or Bukgu3(북구3) and take off at Ayang Art Center

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