Friday, August 15, 2014

[Living] How do you beat the summer heat in Daegu, the hottest city in Korea?

We had a great summer in Daegu!
How do you spend this summer? Though the summer isn't left many days, we still need to enjoy fully. Because summer doesn't last FOREVER! >_<
So, here are a few of tips given by the foreigners who live in Daegu, the hottest city in Korea! You must find the way to beat the heat by reading this writing.

Eat something!

●To beat the summer in Daegu, I tried to eat the '팥빙수(Patbingsu ice flake topped sweet red beans syrup)' ^_^.

I ate a lot of Cold Noodle "냉국수(cold noodle)" in this hot summer, but the great one is 삼계탕 (Samgyetang). It's hot but make me feel fresh after eating it. The other treatment to beat the heat is going to 설빙 and eat 빙수(Bingsu) as the dessert ^^

비빔냉면(Bibim naengmyun) & 빙수(Bingsu)! The two most delicious ways to beat the Daegu summer heat!  :-)

FIRE Jjampong!! It's great for lunch or supper! It took me a few years to fully grasp the meaning of 'REFRESHING!! " after eating something hot (temperature) and spicy. Sometimes it can almost stop the sweat from flowing as your mind relaxes and your pores are open then that refreshing feeling takes over and you say "시원하다!".


Hot and spicy Jjambbong

Naemyeon(cold noodle)

Do something!

●To beat the heat this summer in this Hot City Daegu, me and my family made an inflatable pool and eat refreshing cold watermelon while soaking our body in a cold water. me and my husband and our kids enjoyed it! or at night, when my husband came from work, he brought us to Palgongsan.

The Samsung Lions are the HOTTEST thing in Daegu so enjoy a cool drink while watching them.

I was weary after playing my favourite sport, soccer. So I went to a jimjibang. At first it was hot but then I went into the cold part and I became cool. I reccomend going to the jimjibang!

Having fun time in the water

Going camping

Go somewhere

●I'm spending this hot summer in Daegu, the hottest city in Korea by strolling 월광수변공원(Wolgwang Waterside Park)  around with my friend and enjoying the waterfall performance show there  Its one of precious moments in this hot summer

I love going to Seomun market. In this season when the heat is tormenting, my regular trips to the market, where there is always a lively assortment of everything - from vegetables, seafood, fruits, sweets, and even clothes and fabrics - is spent haggling for my family’s best-loved fruits of the season that help beat the heat.

Hiking Apsan on a boiling hot Wednesday night, but being able to cool down with a beautiful view of Daegu from the top!

Herb Hillz

Kim Gwang Seok street

Seomun Market

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