Tuesday, August 12, 2014

[Living] 'Kids Space', a work-study space for children, in Daegu Art Factory

Kids Space in Daegu Art Facyory

‘kids space’
a work study space for children
In Daegu Art Factory

Most cultural art centers provide children with cultural experiences. But in fact, it is hard for parents to control the behaviors of their children to appreciate works of art or craft items; they wander place to place yelling or laughing without knowing how much they bother others. You might have vowed to yourself not to bring your children to any exhibition gallery or museum until they grow up enough to keep public etiquette.
Now, forget all your worries! Daegu art Factory, a cultural art space providing a variety of exhibitions and performances to the public, is full of happy children. On the third floor is located ‘Kids’ Space’ which is equipped with indoor playing facilities. This place is good for developing children’s creativity by letting them touch, see, hear and feel different equipment there.

Foot Piano in Daegu Art Factory
1. Foot Piano
Children can develop their musical sense with the Foot Piano by stepping key boards to make sounds. This activity is good for object control ability of children as well as their body development.

Screen Drawing in Daegu Art Factory

2. Digital Canvas
On a big-screen can children draw pictures with diverse drawing tools. Such drawing activity helps children to make their imagination broaden and to form a positive mind-set.

Children in Kids Space in Daegu Art Factory

3. Body Action Recognition Game
A character in a screen mimics the moves of a child who is standing in front of the screen. Such activity stimulates the child’s brain and develops his/her thinking power while increasing in physical strength.

Sand art in Kids Space

4. Experiencing sand art
This activity can help children to improve concentration. With the repeated process of sprinkling and dispersing sand, children can learn how lights change.

A variety of play equipment in Daegu Art Factory

Kids Space in Daegu Art Factory

Kids in Kids Space in Daegu Art Factory

A rubber puzzle in Daegu Art Factory

Children in front of the Kids Space
Besides those aforementioned, there are many other things that children can enjoy; Rubber band puzzle, Pin screen and Digital cable, etc. Without doubt, ‘Kids Space’ is a perfect place for children to play while raising creativity and improving physical strength.

[Daegu Art Factory]
-Location: 58-2, Suchang-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu (Annexed warehouse of the former Daegu Tobacco Factory)
-Admission fee: Free (except for a few of special exhibitions)

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