Monday, August 25, 2014

[Restaurant/Press Article] Have authentic Indian cuisine at Ganga restaurant

Indian restaurant near by Suseong Lake

It’s the time of year when most people in Daegu spread their wings and head further a field for vacation. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones, don’t fret because there is still a lot to try in the lovely city of Daegu. If you are craving foreign tastes why not head to Suseong Lake and try Ganga’s delicious Indian delights.

Ganga Restaurant in Daegu

Situated a short walk from the Sky Park at the end of Suseong Lake is this hidden gem.
The smell will be the first thing to hit you as you arrive in this restaurant. Saffron, cumin and cinnamon fill the air and will make your tummy rumble. Next thing you will notice is the beautiful décor. Each foot of this place has been considered. The Indian art on the walls, the fountain with floating candles and flowers strewn upon it as well as the antique Indian shutters in the garden area all add up to create a real atmosphere and help create the feeling you have been transported to India itself.

A different restaurant in Daegu
A different dacoration in Ganga restaurant

Indian cuisine restaurant

If you have lived in Daegu for a while you may have noticed that Indian restaurants are few and far between compared to many other restaurants so its always a delight to find such a spot.

Indian xusine of Ganga, Daegu

An Indian cuisine of Ganga, near Suseong lake

A different cuisine for a special ocasion

Indian restaurant near Suseong lake 
 The polite staff will seat you and take your order. The extensive menu will have all of your favourites as well as a few others. The edition of lamb meat will make many westerners excited. The peshwari nann bread is particularly popular.

A menu book of Ganga restaurant

If there is something you fancy that isn’t on the menu you can always ask the waiter if the chef would be willing to attempt your request.
The large drinks menu has many delicious editions you’d expect in an Indian restaurant such as mango lassi’s and tiger beer.
This restaurant is more expensive than other restaurants in Daegu but you are getting food that’s quite hard to find. I’d save this place for a special occasion or if you really fancy some Tikka Masala.
The food is filling, satisfying and something a little different.

How to get there:
To get to Ganga restaurant head to Suseong Lake. Near the end of the lake is the Sky park , which is noticeable because of the coffee shop shaped like a giant airplane. Leave the park and cross the road. On the other side you will see the orange building that is Ganga.
- Buses that go to Suseong Lake:
104, 204, 401, 404, 405, 424, 434, 439, 449, 564, or 704.
- By taxi :
You can get the subway to Beomeo station first and then get a taxi from there (or one of the above buses).


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