Tuesday, August 19, 2014

[Tour] Enjoy the summer to the fullest with the Palgong mountain walkathon in the moonlight

Have you enjoyed water play enough? If you are looking for some other outdoor activities in Daegu, here's a great one that will give you unforgettable memories. Imagine that you are climbing at night in the moon light. Isn't it a challenging experience even it require a little of physical efforts? 'The Palgong mountain walkathon in the moonlight' is a definitely great outdoor activity to enjoy this summer to the fullest!

[The Palgong mountain walkathon in the moonlight]

- Date: August. 23, 6pm ~ August. 24, 8am
- Departing location: In front of the model house of Esiapolis The Sharp (The entrance of Bongmu Park, San135, Bongmu-dong, Dong-gu)

- Admission fee: 10km (10,000 krw)/ 20km (15,000 krw)/ 30km, 50km (20,000 krw)


The course map of the Palgoing mountain walkathon in the moonlight
[Matters to be attended to]

*Anyone who is over 15 allowed to participate the walkathon.
*The pre-application period was over, but you can participate on the spot. (Souvenir, medal and medical insurance are only for those who send an entry during the pre-application period.)
* Things you need for the walkathon: a torch, medicine for emergency, some snacks, a rain coat.

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