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[Cafe/Press Article] Cafe Doyo─the recommended pie shop and tea house in Daegu

 Cafe Doyo─the recommended pie shop and tea house in Daegu
The alleys all around Daegu hide many of the city’s best kept secrets. Not only are there a variety of themed alleys here in Daegu, ranging from the medical to the historical, but there are also some unobtrusive, and almost sketchy, alleys where you’d be surprised to find delicious restaurants and quaint shops.

The way to Cafe Doyo

The front gate of Cafe Doyo
One such alley is where you can find Doyo Pie Shop and Café. This alley may be a bit more well-known than others because the Jimi Hendrix bar is at the end of it. In any case, it is a pretty easy one to find. The alley is located across the street from the Etude House makeup store and the main bus stop on the street between Banwoldang and Jungangno. Go out of exit 13 or 14 of Banwoldang station and continue walking straight. If you go out exit 13, you’ll need to cross the street to get to the alley once you come to the Etude House with the bus stop in front of it. If you went out exit 14, pay attention to the shops on the opposite side of the road, and when you get to the Etude House with the bus stop in front of it, simply turn down the alley to your left. The alley is marked with some interesting graffiti, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.  

Bar interior of Cafe Doyo

People are sitting and chatting each other in the cafe

Teapot collections

The showcase of pies
Doyo is a beautiful little restaurant. It is adorned with loose leaf tea tins and ornate tea pots along the walls. The shop feels very friendly and comfortable. There are several different kinds of pies on the menu, but you can see which are offered that day by looking in the pie case by the entrance to the store. The pies are very fresh, and certain kinds do sell out some days. A delicious slice of pie is only 3,000 won! Try the apricot pistachio slice. It has amazing texture and flavor.

The tea steeps in the huge tea cup

A chocolate pie and fruits pie
In addition to doing amazing pies, Doyo has some of the best tea in Daegu, and for only 4,000 won a pot! Each pot is about two cups of tea, but you can ask for more hot water at no extra charge. Choose from any of the loose leaf teas, and you’ll be given loose leaf tea in a lovely tea pot, a tea strainer, and a timer. The server will turn over the timer, and you should let the tea steep in the pot until the timer runs out. Doyo has a wide range of teas, including earl grey and several fruity varieties. They even offer milk tea for 1,000 won more.

Ready to enjoy teatime with a pot of tea and sweet pies
If you’re interested in making a whole night of it, Doyo also has food and alcohol on the menu at reasonable prices. All the food is about 8,000 won, and there are combos to share with friends.
Enjoy a relaxing evening at Doyo alone or with friends. The shop will make you forget you’re in the hustle and bustle of downtown, and the pie and tea are incredible.

[Cafe Doyo]

-Address: 8-8, Dongseongro 3-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu

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