Tuesday, September 23, 2014

[Festival] Autumn Festivals in Daegu─Suseong Lake Festival, Daegu International Opera Festival, Colorful Daegu Festival

Autumn Festivals in Daegu
Autumn with wonderful weather for outings is already here with us. It’s good to know that the city will be full of festivals for the period of upcoming autumn months a la bonne heure. Let's enjoy a variety of the autumn festivals which have unique themes giving unusual delights!

○On the 4th Weekend of September

①Suseong Lake Festival
Suseong Lake Festival
As the theme of the Suseong Lake Festival this year is ‘The Art Above the Lake, Dulangil Full of Deliciousities’, this festival is supposed to be held with a variety of events, such as an art exhibition for both amateurs and professionals, a firework using fantastic 3D images and Media Façade, and diverse on-water stage performances.
We will also have the representative event, 'Rolling Giant Gimbap on Dulangil'!! It's a collaborative work that all participants roll one 800m Gimbap together.
-Date: Sep 26~Sep 28, 2014
-Venue: Suseong lake, Dulangil & Suseong Artpia

②Colorful Daegu Global Festival
Colorful Daegu Global Festival
Colorful Daegu Global Festival has been held to commemorate the Together Day and make a social atmosphere to respect various cultures and improve communication with Korean and foreign residents.
Global Festival will provide experience of various events in Colorful Together Zone which can enjoy together Korean and foreign residents such as traditional culture, food experience, consultation for foreign residents, exhibition of multicultural painting, talent show of foreign residents, traditional folk performance, congratulatory performance, Golden-bell quiz show, etc.
-Date: Sep 28, 2014
-Venue: Gukchea-bosang Memorial Park

○On 1st weekend of October

Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Festival
Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Festival
The festival was initiated in 1978 in the era of Joseon Dynasty, which is being held in early May every year as a traditional oriental medicine festival in the Herb Road, Daegu.
Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Festival, which solves the urban citizen’s curiosity with traditional medicine and herbs as well as with the fragrant scent of herbs, is harmonized with various cultural tourism resources and oriental medicine related events.
-Date: Oct 1~Oct 5, 2014
-Venue: the whole area of Yangnyeongsi St

Mt. Palgong Modern temple Bazaar Festival
Mt. Palgong Modern Temple Bazaar Festival
The event revives the bazaar in the mountains where traditional specialties were traded among temples in the era of Koryo Dynasty.
It is a very special opportunity for experiencing unique mountain-living styles in the calm and clean atmosphere of Mt. Palgong through making mountain food and mountain utensils, experiencing mountain cultures and various exhibitions and performances related to Buddhism.
-Date: Oct 2~Oct 6, 2014
-Venue: Donghwasa Temple

Daegu International Opera Festival
Daegu International Opera Festival
Daegu International Opera Festival, which is getting popular to the press and public, is the representative festival in Daegu and is the only one in Asia such a large scale. It shows the world’s various operas while using international and domestic excellent infrastructures and serves as a hub role of performance culture.
Turandot: Oct. 2(Thu) & Oct. 3(Fri) 7:30pm / Oct. 4(Sat) 3pm // Daegu Opera House
Romeo and Juliette: Oct. 10(Fri) 7:30pm / Oct. 11(Sat) 3pm // Daegu Opera House
Tosca: Oct. 16(Thu) 7:30pm / Oct. 18(Sat) 3pm // Daegu Opera House
Magic Flute: Oct. 31(Fri) 7:30pm / Nov. 1(Sat) 3pm // Daegu Opera House
The Merry Wives of Windsor: Oct. 24(Fri) 7:30pm / Oct. 25(Sat) 4pm // Daegu Opera House
-Find more information on the website here: http://english.daeguoperahouse.org/

Dongseongro Festival
Dongseongro Festival
Dongseongro Festival, which was initiated in May, 1990, is the success model of civilian festivals positioned as a representative festival of Daegu passing through 21 years now.

A lot of spectators are gathering in the traditional events such as Bisan farm music, Gyeongsang governors rounding (parade, folk performance, military honor guard & band, congregation ceremony), and in the various programs preferred by youngsters such as wedding model contest, musical gala show, and Dongseongro song festival, which is a gateway of new singers providing the opportunities of enjoying culture and arts through the festival.

Especially, Daegu Fashion Jewelry Week will be with the festival in this year, so there will be many events and promotions related to jewelry and fashion such as treasure-hunt game, prize draw event and fashion show.
-Period: Oct. 3 ~ Oct. 5, 2014
-Venue: the whole area of Dongseongro

○On 2nd weekend of October

Colorful Daegu Festival
Jungangro Street, a part of citizen’s daily life, has been transformed to the mass transportation precinct, changed to the stage for festival plaza, and born again as a new “Urban Street Performance Art Festival” shared with the citizen one step forward from just an event of simple enumeration of colorful spectacles.
The constitution of festival focusing in the ‘street performance art festival’ reflecting the characteristics of open space is showing up a new model of Downtown Art Nanjang with the interchange and co-performance between various performance art genres, expansion of family programs, promotion of citizen’s participation, and positive participation of the merchants in Jungangro.
It has been positioned firmly as a genuine downtown street performance art festival for the participation of citizens harmonized with the abundant cultural & artistic human infrastructure, citizen’s enthusiasm for participation, and Jungangro, the daily space of 2,600 thousand citizens.
-Date: Oct. 11(Fri) ~ Oct. 13(Sun), 2014
-Venue: the whole area of Jungangro

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