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[Living/Press Article] Daegu Cat-Dog Pet Cafe

CATDOG Cafe─A solution to all your fur-baby needs
Did you have a pet you had to leave behind when you came to Korea? Do you want to get a pet, but you don't have the space or the time? There's a solution to all your fur-baby needs, and it’s right in downtown Daegu. 

The visitors are playing with lovable cats
Many of you may already have heard about the cat and dog cafes that are actually quite popular in Korea. There's one in the heart of downtown that is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. To get there, walk out of exit 13 from Banwoldang Station. When you get to the outdoor fountain on your right, stop and face the fountain. There will be three options for streets to walk down, not including the main street you are standing on that leads to Jungagno station. Go down the left-most street, and you’ll end up walking past UNIQLO on your left. Take the next right, and continue walking until you see the Cat Dog Café on your right. It's located on the third floor, so look for the cat and dog sign outside above the staircase.

The list of the cats belonging to the pet cafe
As soon as you enter, the staff will give you their rules and prices listed in English. You can spend an unlimited amount of time with the animals for only 8,000 won, and that includes a drink of your choice. You can also buy treats to give the animals. They ask that you don’t play with the cats and dogs that have ribbons around their necks as that means they are temperamental or sick. The cats are on the third floor where you enter, and the dogs are just upstairs. In either room, there are staff members to take care of the animals and help with anything you need. There is also a laminated paper with pictures and names of all the animals in the room written in Korean.

Lovely cats

A plump cat is sitting on the cat tower
In order to play with the cats, you must wear the slippers provided by the entrance to the room. The café also provides modesty aprons for any girls who go in wearing skirts or dresses. Be careful not to let the cats out when you open the doors; they can get a little sneaky. The cat room is colorfully decorated and carpeted and full of climbing toys for the cats to play on, but they will flock right to you when you have treats.

The playful dogs get close to a visitor in the cafe

A lovely dog
The dog room is a bit more stark and bare than the cat room. There are still toys for the dogs to play with, and you can give them treats, but there isn’t a lot in the room itself. You do not need to wear slippers in the dog room because it is tiled. The dogs like to sleep and relax on the booth seating along the wall of the room. Be aware that the dogs will most-likely crowd around you when you first enter the door, and some may jump. If you have little kids, you might want to be careful at first. But all the animals, both cats and dogs, are very friendly and affectionate. There is a mix of small and large dogs, and the small ones may just come sit on your lap for a while.

A women is playing with dogs
The animals at the café seem to rotate quite a bit, so the café may double as a pet-sitting place or else the café and its managers own a certain number of animals that permanently reside at the café. Either way, go back more than once and meet some of the other animals. The best part is that this shop isn't just cats OR dogs. It's cats AND dogs, so there's something for everyone!

[Cat Dog Cafe]
-Address: 120-16, Dongseongro 3-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu (3-4F) / 대구광역시 중구 동성로 3 120-16
-Phone: 010-7512-3089
-Opening time: 13:30~21:30

-Admission fee: 8,000won (included a drink)

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