Friday, September 26, 2014

[Sports] Learn about Korean American Football and be one of the champions with Phoenix, the senior American football team in Daegu!

Phoenix, the Korean football team in Daegu

At the moment, spirits are high in Korean American football as the new season has been started last week. Alike Super Bowl, the championship game of American Football League in the United States, Kimchi Bowl is the championship game of Korean American Football Association (KAFA).

Phoenix vs. Blugons American football game

American foor ball game in Korea

The Korean American football teams are divided into two groups; college team and senior team. The championship league for college teams is called ‘Tiger Bowl’, while called ‘Gwangaeto Bowl’ for senior league. The Kimchi Bowl is the final champion league that puts the college team champion against the senior team champion.

An American member of Phoenix, Daegu American football team

Good players of Phoenix, Daegu American football team

American football game at Busan university

In Daegu, there are eleven college American football teams including the ones in Kyungpook national university, Keimyung university, Catholic university of Daegu and one senior team, ‘Phoenix’. Phoenix had a game with Bluegons, the senior team from Busan, on September 21th and shut them out by 35-15. Phoenix was the winner of Kimchi Bowl in 2011, and they are out to win in this season again.

American football game Blugons vs. Phoenix

If you used to enjoy American football and miss the sport, why don’t you try to be a member of Phoenix?

You can send an application form through the following e-mail with simple personal information as follows.


·         Name:

·         Age:

·         Home (birth place/address in Korea):

·         American football experience:

·         Phone call:

If you are considered as a proper member, the coach of Phoenix will contact you to have an interview. *You might be contacted after the end of this season. (This season ends within the month of October.)

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