Tuesday, September 16, 2014

[Culture] Let’s take a look at the cheering culture of Korea

Let’s take a look at the cheering culture of Korea
This year of 2014 in particular have we a variety of exciting sport games. World Cup Brazil, which ended at a single cast for Koreans with much regret, Asian Games Incheon, which starts this week, and Korean Series of baseball, which is the culmination of Korean baseball season, are among those exciting games.
Koreans who are crazy about football and baseball games have a unique and enthusiastic cheering culture. Why don't you participate in the culture which clearly reveals the characters of Koreans; work hard, play hard? The sports games are ten for a penny just in time!

 Cheering baseball teams
The cheerleaders and fans of Samsung Lions is watching the baseball game
Last year, BBC spotlighted the Korean cheering culture saying as follows; "Even if you are not a fan of baseball game, it's worth going the stadium. That’s the place where the best real sports enthusiasts with their cheer exist”. Total of almost 7 million people in 2013 screamed at the stadium with super-sized speakers pumping out joyful music while cheerleaders danced to K-pop. The Korean cheering culture at the baseball stadiums is such. While you cheer a team, it will be fun to sing along the team song you support; ‘I Love Lions’ for Samsung Lions for example.

○ Red Devils
A lot of Korean Red Devils are cheering Korean national football team
The football of Korea can't be explained without the Red Devils, the supporters of Korean national football team. Thanks to the cheer of the whole nation who became the Red Devils themselves, Korean team could make it to the semifinal at World Cup 2002. Since then, Koreans started the famous ‘street cheering’ every last one of them wearing red shirts whenever Korean team has important matches.
It might be worth to experience the thrill and energy if you have a chance to join the street cheering in a huge red wave.

For your reference, here are the games of Asian Games that Daegu athletes participate.

-Sep 20(Sat) 16:00~: Handball game (Republic of Korea vs. India)
-Sep 22(Mon) 16:00~: Handball game (Republic of Korea vs. Thailand)
-Sep 22(Mon) 18:30~: Baseball game (Republic of Korea vs. Thailand)
-Sep 24(Wed) 18:30~: Baseball game (Republic of Korea vs. Chinese Taipei)
-Sep 26(Fri) 09:00~: Breaststroke 50m (Myeong-hwan, Kim)
-Sep 27(Sat) 18:35!: The high jump (Seung-hyun, Yoon)

-Oct 1(Wed) 18:30~: The javelin (Jae-myeong, Park)

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