Monday, September 22, 2014

[Living/Press Article] Present apps and resources for the newbies to help making the transition.

Application and websites which are useful in daegu life

So all you new English teachers have just arrived in Daegu. You’re trying to acclimate to your new schools and your new lives in this thriving metropolis. This article will present some apps and resources to help you make the transition.

There are a vast array of facebook groups that will provide you with every bit of information about the city and the many activities happening here on a daily basis.  Obviously, our own Colorfuldaegu facebook page is going to be a great resource for you moving forward. In case you were unsure, that is the city government’s official facebook group, and you are reading their official blog right now.  The Daegu Compass has a facebook page for the English magazine they put out monthly. In Daegu and Daegu Travel are two others that are good for general information about events going on in the city. If you love eating, there are always great restaurant suggestions in the Good Eats in Daegu group. One very important group for you newbies is the Daegu Flea Market. There is a constant turnover of people in Daegu, between teachers and the military personnel, so this group is used to sell anything and everything. If you are looking to buy things to get your new apartments in order, check here first! But be quick about it because items posted on here don’t take long to sell.    

Daegu is home to a ton of fitness classes and sports teams. Whatever your interest, there is a team or class for you. Simply search on facebook for “Daegu” and the activity or sport. There is a softball team, a soccer team, an ultimate Frisbee team, a Gaelic football team, a cycling club, a running club, a hiking club, yoga classes, zumba class, crossfit classes, taekwondo classes, and salsa lessons—just to name a few.

Website for English teachers, Waygook

Need some help with your classes or some advice from other teachers about school life? Look no further than the Daegu English Teachers facebook group. For teaching resources, you may already have heard about, a great place to find lesson plans and documents to help improve your classes. I think that covers just some of the many facebook groups that will help you in your new lives in Daegu.

Useful websites for Daegu life, Daegu bus guide

Moving on to two very useful smartphone apps. The first is simply called “Subway” or “jihachul” in Korean. This app provides subway maps for five of the major cities in Korea, including Daegu, and it’s all in English. You can find out how long it will take you to get from station to station and how many minutes until the next train arrives at your station. It even includes our new monorail line, opening soon.

Daegu tour application

The second and most helpful app is called “Daegu Tour.” The app has information about food, shopping, attractions, history, festivals, and accommodations in Daegu, all accessible from buttons right on the home page. While that information is all great, the “public transport” section is the most valuable part of the app. To access it, hit the small gray button on the top right of the home page. Daegu has an English language bus information website to help you figure out how to get around the city by bus. Google maps can help too, but the bus information website tells you when the next bus is at your stop and where all the stops on the bus line are located.  The bus information website has been condensed into a mobile version for you to use anywhere around the city. Search by route, point of interest, or current location, and you’ll never be lost in Daegu again.  The Daegu Tour app is a must-download for anyone living in this city.

So there you have it: some useful resources for you to use on facebook and on your smartphone.  Have an amazing time in Daegu, and see and do everything you can. A year goes by very quickly!


-「In-Daegu」 website▶
-「Daegu Compass」 Facebook Page▶
-「Daegu Travel」 Facebook Page▶
-「Daegu English Teachers」Facebok Group▶

-「Good eats in Daegu」 Facebook Group▶
-「The Daegu Flea Market」 Facebook Group▶
- A website for teaching resource▶
-「Daegu Tour」 App▶
- 「Daegu Bus information」website▶

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