Monday, September 1, 2014

[Restaurant/Press Article] 'Rose jjimdak' will brighten your day with tasty cheese jjimdak and rose.

Daegu rose jjimdak

Jjimdak is one of those wonderful comfort foods that makes any evening better. There are a huge range of jjimdak places to try but this one has a few little extras to make your trip more special.

Cofee & Rose jjimdak

Rose jjumdak in Apsan area
This restaurant can be found near Apsan but has recently opened a branch in downtown Daegu. I visited the downtown branch.
The menu is simple, jjimdak (large or medium) or boneless jjimdak (large or medium) . Then you choose your spice level (none, medium, very hot). Be warned that even at a zero spice level there is a little bit of a kick to this dish. no means least is the extras.

Good restaurant in Daegu

Jjimdak restaurant in Daegu

This is where this restaurant stands apart for most westerners. You can add cheese. The photo displays just one portion of cheese and the cheese is real, tasty cheese which is the perfect edition to the meal. You can also order side dishes such as rice to absorb some of the delicious jjimdak juices or extra noodles.

How to get a discount in rose jjumdak

The reason most people head to this place is their extremely smart marketing campaign. If you post a photo of your meal to twitter or Facebook you get money off your bill. This is a really smart idea especially since the food is so good you’ll want to share its location with your friends.

Beautiful rose in Rose Jjimdak

Tasty cheesy jjimdak

Good restaurant for dating

The name of the restaurant gives you a big clue to the appeal of this place to many Korean couples. Mainly because when you order a main meal your date will be presented with a rose. It’s a nice little extra to brighten your day. Once you’ve eaten you are also entitled to 50% off all coffees so you and your date can chat the night away.

Tasty cheese jjumdak in rose jjumdak

The décor is pleasant and the staff were attentive.
This is a simple concept that has been taken and thought our really well. It’s definitely a winner.

How to find the downtown branch
If you are stood at the stage downtown there is a fork in the road. Take the left hand road (not the road with McDonald’s on it.) and walk until you reach KFC. Turn left here and walk straight. You will pass many nail and eyelash extension salons but about 2 minutes down you will see the Jjimdak restaurant sign directing you right.

- The head store : 551-7 Daemung-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu
- The branch downtown : Jong-ro 2 ga, Jung-gu, Daegu


  1. Jjimdak looks very delicious, I must go try it.

  2. My husband and I found it while in Busan!! LOVED it so much!!! And yes, even no spice has a bit and great flavor. The waitress told us to go with it and it will be delicious. She was right!!