Wednesday, September 10, 2014

[Tour] The Night Journey for respecting lives 2014―the day of suicidal prevention

The Night Journey for respecting lives 2014―the day of suicidal prevention
There are 38 people which take their own lives each day in Korea. Greeting the day of suicidal prevention in Sep 10, a special event will be held to practice loving human life and prevent suicide by walking all night.
In order to become the culture of respecting human life more common, the participants of this event are offered the practical information concerning suicidal prevention, and helped to join diverse experiential programs, so that they can take roles as life guards for the people who try suicide in their towns.

Who can participate: Anyone interested in this event
Date/Time of the event: Sep 20 (Sat), 18:00 ~ Sep 21, 2014 (Sun), 06:00
Venue: Eastern plaza of Daegu Stadium(Starting point) / 504, Shinmae-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
The event souvenir: T-shirts marked the message of loving lives

Participation fee

Over 19-year-old
Under 19-year-old
Under 7-year-old

Course map 
A course map

-The knowledge hall of loving human life
It helps to knowing about the information of suicide and understanding the necessity of preventing suicide in the trend to make light of human life.

-The experiential hall of loving human life
While watching conducting a funeral service of their own, the participants will experience after their death and feel the value of human life by considering other persons' death.

-The road of silence
The program to walk with making any sounds, it's help to speculate about the value of life of themselves, their families and surrounding people.

-Life messages
The participants will write the message for their people and decorate a giant heart-shaped installation.

○Applying participation

-Tel: 053-475-9193

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