Tuesday, October 21, 2014

[Cafe] A cafe with Culture & Art, Mint Whale

The enterance of Mint Whale cafe

As you might know, Ten-Topic Project is an art incubating program of Daegu Art Factory devised to support local youth artists. Not only those youth artists but Daegu citizens also are benefited with the program in terms of having a chance to participate the special program called ‘Ten-Topic Project: Citizen Participation Program’. (to visit a related posting▶ http://bit.ly/1u88817 ) . 
Along with the program above, here’s another chance to make our cultural life enriched.

Mint Wale Cafe at  the station of Yeongnam University Hospital

Grand Open date of Cafe Mint Whale

Swimming in a life, the works of art by Kim eunyeong

Café ‘Mint Whale’ is a cultural art café where people can enjoy exhibitions and music while having drinks and sweet macaroons. Currently, Kim Eunyeong, one of the members of ‘Drawing team’ which worked for 2nd Ten-Topic project, is holding an exhibition at Mint Whale Cafe.

Mint colored wall of Cafe Mint Whale

The works of art hanging on the wall of Cafe Mint Whale

Drawings of Kim enyeong,are hanging on the wall

Hand crafts are on sale in the cafe Mint Whale

You can meet interesting works of hers at every corner of the café under the title of . What’s even better is that you are invited to this exhibition for free of charge! You can buy charming handicrafts painted by the artist Kim there. The exhibition continues until 31th of October. 

The posters of music program in Cafe Mint Whale

A guitar and piano are on the stage of Cafe Mint Whale

Cafe Mint Whale

In addition to the exhibition, a variety of cultural programs are prepared at Mint Whale Café. Check the following schedule of music programs of this month. (* At the beginning of every month, the schedule is provided through the Facebook page of Mint Whale▶ https://www.facebook.com/mintwhalee

A music program schedule of Cafe Mint Whale
*All music programs start from 8pm.

How to get to the Mint Whale Café

- Address: 37-1 Daemyeong 5-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu
- By subway
Get off @Yeongnam University Hospital station (line1) and take exit 3. Mint Whale is located next to Baskin-Robbins.
- By Bus
Take 410-1 or 452, 503, 564, 604, 649, 805, Soonhwan 3 and get off @ Yeongnam University Hospital.

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