Monday, October 6, 2014

[Cafe/Press article] Enjoy games and cocktails at 'The English Cafe'

Board game cafe in Daegu

With the last few sunny days still with us in Daegu there is no better time than to head to The English Café in downtown Daegu. There are countless reasons to visit this place such as the huge range of English board games, the large drinks menu and the lovely cats that live in the bar. 

Board game & cocktail cafe

A cute cat in 'The English Cafe'

A gorgeous garden on the roof of The English Cafe

A good board cafe in Daegu

One of the main appeals of this bar is the fantastic roof garden. Once you’ve bought your drinks and paid the 1000 won an hour to play a game you and your friends can soak up the sun (and normally the music from the neighboring park) while playing games into the night.

A table on the roof of The English Cafe

Delicious berry beer of The English Cafe

Classics such as Monopoly, Scrabble and Pictionary are available but there are also other newer games such as Taboo, Jenga or just good old fashioned cards. 
The cocktails start at 5,000 won for a single shot of spirit or a little bit more for a double. The big favorite on the menu is the raspberry beer. There is also a food menu which includes breakfast items and snacks. 

People enjoy a board game in The English Cafe

People enjoy the board game at 'The English Cafe'

This place does get very busy very quickly and is popular with both Koreans and Westerners. The staff are helpful and attentive and on weekends there is a lovely western lady working here who will be willing to help you with anything. 
Overall it’s the perfect spot to catch up with friends (and then beat them at as many games as possible). 

To get to the English café:
If you are stood facing the stage downtown make a 90’ turn left. You will walk past Dunkin Doughnut on right and a traditional Ttabokki shop on your left. Keep walking until the first junction (Lotteria should be on your right). Turn left and it will be the first building on your left (next to Havanna coffee). Go to the top floor. The bar/café is split into three levels, the indoor café, the outside patio and the roof garden.  

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