Friday, October 24, 2014

[Event] The experts on internet & online contents came to Daegu from all around the world!―The scenes of AoIR 2014 annual meeting

The scenes of AoIR 2014 annual meeting
The annual meeting of AoIR (Association of Internet Researchers) 2014, where the experts on internet and online contents discuss various fields such as bigdata, SNS marketing, online games, software and online contents, is being held in Daegu. The participants present their research results that analyzed the cultural and economical meanings of ICT (information & communication technology) in order to apply to industries and policies.

The experts on internet & online contents are in plenary of AoIR 2014 annual meeting

The experts on internet & online contents are in plenary of AoIR 2014 annual meeting
The subject of the meeting of this year is 'Boundaries and Intersections'. At 9 in the morning of October 22, a plenary session, the first official program which was led by Erika Pearson (program chair) and some keynote speakers, was held. The hall was filled with deep conversations and enthusiastic discussions.

The participants take a coffee break

A few of participants discuss one of research findings

A section is being held in AoIR 2014

A scene of sessions in AoIR 2014
At the coffee break after the plenary session, many participants gathered by twos and threes talking about the subject they had discussed at plenary meeting. In the afternoon, there were many more sessions to attend where participants heard the research findings and discussed them with the speakers.

The Mayer of Daegu government is giving a welcome speech

The traditional dance team is performing with drums

People are enjoying the dinner time
The dinner of the second day was with welcome speeches of Young Jin Gwon, the Mayer of Daegu metropolitan city, and Prof. Han Woo Park, the head of Cyber Emotions Research Institute in Yeongnam University, and with wonderful Korean traditional dance performance which everyone there enjoyed.

A group picture of participants in AoIR 2014
All participants seemed to be satisfied with the meetings and events of the day, and Prof. Lori Kendall, the president of AoIR, expressed the impression of the Daegu meeting in her interview as follows:

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