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[Festival] Recommended Daegu Autumn Festivals

Daegu Autumn Festivals

Are you enjoying this autumn, a season of festivals, to the fullest? Though you haven’t enjoyed any festival held here in Daegu yet, don’t be disappointed. You still have a few good festival programs waiting for you. 
Here are recommended Daegu Opera Festival and Palgong Autumn Foliage Festival. Those festivals might be the last ones you can enjoy in this autumn, so don’t miss them and make wonderful memories of yours!!!  

The Festival recommended by Colorful Daegu. 
_Daegu Opera Festival / Oct. 2 ~ Nov.1

Daegu Opera Festival in Opera House
@Copyright by Daegu Opera House. All rights reserved.

Daegu International Opera Festival
@Copyright by Daegu Opera House. All rights reserved.

Daegu Opera Festival, which has been held in every October from 2003, is one of the representative Daegu autumn festivals. Now the festival is successfully ongoing attracting a lot of attention with six performances and interesting programs. In addition to the main opera performances, a variety of other interesting events are prepared around Opera House area.

[Additional Events] 
*The events are held prior to the main performances only!

Pre-Opera Talk 
-Weekdays: 18:30~18:45
-Saturdays: 14:00~14:15

In order to join this program, you have to come to Opera House an hour early before a performance starts. For 15 minutes, opera singers and producers of each performance will give a brief presentation about their work. 

 Free Concert 
-Weekdays: 18:45~19:15
-Saturdays: 14:15~14:45

Anyone who is interested in opera can enjoy this concert for free of charge. This concert is held at outdoor stage of Opera House for 30 minutes prior to main performances during the festival period. 

*In addition to the events aforementioned, more events are prepared for those who come to enjoy opera performances. Go to the website for details: ▶

[The schedule of main performances]

The schedule of main performances of Daegu Opera Festival

The festival recommended by Muhammad Alam, Daegu SNS foreign supporter.
_Palgong Autumn Foliage Festival

Palgong Foliage Festival in Daegu

A street along the foliage

One of the most representative autumn events of Daegu will be held from this weekend! Mt. Palgong Autumn Foliage Festival (also known as Palgongsan Danpung Festival) will take place from The End Of October Every Year around Cine 80 Drive in theater in Mt. Palgong .
Main events include opening ceremony, walking under the autumn foliage event, singing contest, farmer`s musical play, and other music and dance performances.

Walking under the autumn foliage event will take place on October 27th from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  Walking along the 7.1km-long trail in Mt. Palgong will provide you the special experience and memory. Also, singing contest will be held on October from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the main stage of the cine 80 drive in theater. You can also buy and taste local specialties at the event venue. Mt. Palgong is known as one of the most famous and beautiful mountains that you can enjoy autumn foliage. Feel free to visit the festival and enjoy this autumn in the one of the most beautiful mountains in the nation! 

[Palgongsan Foliage Festival]

-Dates: Oct. 31~ Nov. 02
-Location: Around Palgongsan Dong Hwa area
-Events: Opening ceremony, walking under the autumn foliage, singing contest, farmer`s musical play, dance performances.

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