Friday, October 17, 2014

[Information] The Review of the Monorail Line 3 Tryout

The Review of the Monorail Line 3 Tryout
There was a tryout program for Monorail Line 3, which probably would be our helpful means of transportation while living in Daegu. Colorfuldaegu, Daegu blog press and SNS supporters participated in the program on behalf of you and shared the story with you here. 

Children Center Station
Daegu blog press and SNS supporters arrived at Children Center station hoping for having an exciting trip. Do you notice that this station looks like a monorail? :-)

The crowds are taking pictures at the station

Metro vending machine
In the station were there many people to join the tryout program already. They seemed to be fully occupied with photo taking in the hope of leaving this moment as their ‘something first’.
Oh, here we have a metro card vending machine which also offers recharging!

People are getting on the monorail

The interior of the monorail
After a brief on monorail line 3, we finally got on the train!!! The interior of the car is rather small but cozier than we have thought, isn't it? The biggest feature the car has is that we can see the wide view of Daegu from the first and last car of the train. To our surprise, the train needs no driver on the train!!!

A mist window of the monorail
The members of blog press and SNS supporters were popeyed when watching the mist window with the privacy protection mode while passing residential area.

The route map of the monorail line 3

The view of Daegu city
The monorail departed Children Center station having a round trip by way of Suseong Lake station and Bukgucheong station. The familiar view of Daegu city roused me a feeling of warmth.

It was the story of the program that we had for the monorail tryout. Now, let’s hear how the foreign SNS supporters thought about the monorail!

Daegu Foreign SNS Supporters thought... 

[Pete Fish]

Each monorail train consists of three cars. It was quite comfortable. The ride was nice. When it goes into operation there will not be drivers in the cars. Starting and stopping was smooth and I didn't feel a need to hang on when we were stopping at stations or pulling out.

When I looked down my "daddy senses" kicked in and I noticed the gap between the cars and the platform was quite wide. I thought my daughter Min Hee could easily slip her foot into the gap. I then thought of people pushing strollers with small wheels and people in manual wheelchairs. It is very common for people to use several kinds of handcarts either for shopping or students pulling a rolling travel bag with their books and such.

This is the view through the open car doors at Jisan Station. Here will begin to explain a special feature of the Daegu Monorail cars. In the cars behind the passenger seats the windows are electronically controlled to take into account direct sunlight and also a privacy function when the cars are at stations next to private housing.

[Kristi M. Viires]

The other day, I had an honour to take the first public ride with 3rd monorail in Daegu.
And I must say – it was an amazing experience. Daegu so far only has two types of public transport – underground (metro) trains and over ground (somewhat dangerous) buses. But now, it has a train going above the street through the city – giving it another view angle. And what an amazing view it is! I hope everyone will get a chance to ride the train one day, just to discover new things in the city that you never knew were there before.


  1. Looks great can't wait to ride this new experience here in Daegu.

    1. It's gonna be an exciting experience! >_<