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[Living] The guide for changed routes of Daegu City Buses

The changed routes of Daegu Buses

Seven Daegu bus routes have been changed since last 10th of October. This change was obliged to be made for a better transportation system for newly developed suburban districts like Innovation city in Dong-gu and Geumho area in Buk-gu. 
Check the changed routes below not to be embarrassed before you take a bus!!

Dong-gu Innovation City
(A newly devised route)
Dongho-dong Public Garage(Starting&Terminal Point)↔Gaksan Station↔Nogwon Mansion↔Aansim Station↔Centra Physical Examination Center of MMA↔Korea Appraisal Board
Saeron Elementary School↔LH Apts↔Gaksan Junction↔Banyawol Station↔ Dongho-dong Public Garage(Starting&Terminal Point)
※ A clockwise direction: Dong-gu4
  A Countercolock wise direction: Dong-gu4-1
Geumho area, Buk-gu
Buk-gu4 (A newly devised route)
Geumho Public Garage (Starting&Terminal Point)↔Beomnyunsa↔Missionary Benedictine of Tutzing↔Munju Maeul↔ Jangtaesil Maeul↔Palgeumgyo (Bridge)↔Bukbu Police Station ↔Wondae (5) Junction (From the next station is for Buk-gu4 which is passing through Daegu Shooting Range)Obong (5) Junction→ Buk District Office →Goseong (4) Junction
Sawol-dong, Seong-dong, Suseong-gu
(A changed route)
Before: Gaksan (4) Junction↔Ansim Station↔ Centra Physical Examination Center of MMA↔Ansim Station↔ Korea Appraisal Board↔(→LH Apts→Saeron Elementary School→)↔Korea Appraisal Board↔ Centra Physical Examination Center of MMA↔ Ansim Station↔Gaksan Station
After: Gaksan (4) Junction↔Banyawol Station↔Gaksan Station
Sinseo-dong, Dong-gu
(A changed route)
Before: Gaksan (4) Junction↔Banyawol Station↔Gaksan Station
After: Gaksan (4) Junction↔Dongbu Police Station↔ Gaksan Station
Taejeong-dong, Buk-gu
(A changed route)
Before: Guam Elementary School↔Driver's License Agency↔Daegu Health College
After: Guam Elementary SchoolTaejeon Woobang Town 3-cha Apts↔Taejeon (3) Junction↔Daegu Health College
※When the bus goes from Taejeon (3) Junction to Taejeon Woobang Town 3-cha Apts, it will make a U at the Paldal Intersection.
Songhuyn-dong, Dalseo-gu
(A changed route)
Before: Hanmaeum Gas Station↔Wolsong Complexed Apts↔Seobu Bus Terminal
After: Hanmaeum Gas Station(Daeduk Elementary SchoolApsan Archery FieldSonghyeon Park→ Dalseong County Office→ /←Wolsong Complexed Apts←)↔Seobu Bus Terminal
※ Please note that the bus that goes to and from Seobu Bus Terminal and Hanmaeum Gas Station  runs two different routes. Check the map below for the details.
Daeam-ri, Dalseong-gun
Dalseong7 (A changed route)
Gobong-ri↔Guji Agriculture-Industrial Cmplx↔Eungam-ri↔Guji Agriculture-Industrial Cmplx↔Chang1-ri (three times a day)
Mokdan1-ri↔Mokdan2-ri↔Mokdan1-ri↔Yusan1-ri (three times a day)
Gobong-ri↔Chang1-ri (The route between Guji Agriculture-Industrial Cmplx and Eungam-ri has been abolished.)
Mokdan1-ri↔Daeam2-ri↔Mokdan2-ri↔Mokdan1-ri↔Yusan-ri (three times a day)

* Check the more details about the routes of  buses via Daegu Bus website → http://bit.ly/1sytdg3

**The newly devised routes of Daegu City Bus**

Donggu4(-1) / A newly devised route
The newly devised route of Donggu4(-1) bus

 ▶Bukgu4 /A newly devised route
The newly devised route of Bukgu4

849(-1) /A changed route
A changed route of 849 bus

Donggu2 /A changed route
A changed routed of Donggu2 bus

Chilgok1(-1) /A changed route
A changed route of Chilgok1(-1) bus

452 /A changed route
A changed route of 452 bus

 Dalseong7 /A changed route
A changed route of Dalseong7 bus

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