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[Tour] Travel along with autumn foliage in Daegu

It is approaching late autumn. This beautiful season has short time to leave memories, so you need to hurry to make some plans for enjoying this autumn to the fullest!  If you are looking for some wonderful places to make a short trip in Daegu, here is good news for you. Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) suggests ‘The places worth to visit in October’ including three wonderful places in Daegu. 

Woman reading a book under the trees

Maple trees in  Mt. Apsan

Cable car in Mt.  Apsan

#1 Mt. Apsan ────────────────────────────────────────

Apsan is very approachable from downtown and close to many attractions, including Café street, Seomun Market, etc. You can either climb up or take a cable car to get to the observation of Apsan mt. At the observation, you will able to take in a grand view of beautiful foliage covered mountain.
 If you want to enjoy the beautiful autumn of Apsan to the fullest, follow Apsan Jarak-gil trail which is surrounded by dawn redwood. The gradient of the path is very gentle, so it’s not difficult to climb.

Daegu Arboretum filled with maple trees

#2 Daegu Arboretum ───────────────────────────────────

In the middle of the city, you can meet a huge grove of trees. There are over seventeen thousand plant species and sixteen thousand trees providing great natural place. When maples begin to turn red, you can meet a variety species of maple trees that show different colors and shapes with a diverse range of beautiful wild flowers under the trees. 

Maple tunel in Herbhillz

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#3 Herbhillz ───────────────────────────────────────

Herbhillz in Autumn is highly recommended place as one of the date courses for lovers. The lovely red maple street and herb garden are enough to create a loving environment.

Recommended traveling courses by KTO

How to get to the places

Daegu Arboretum
- Take a bus Dalseo 3 or Dalseo 2 and get off at Jeongbu Daegu Jibang Habdong Chungsa 
- Take a bus 604 or Dalseo 1 and get off at Samsung remain 2-cha

Apsan Park 
- Take a bus 410-1 or 410, 300, 750, Dalseo 4, Dalseo 4-1 and get off at Apsan, the last stop

Herb Hills 
- Take a bus 405 or 449, 704, 452, Gachang1, Cachang2, and get off at Herbhillz

Mabijeong Mural Village
- Take a bus Dalseong 2 and get off at Mabijeong Mural Village, the last stop

Suseong Lake 
- Take a bus 401 or 410, 410-1, and get off at Suseong Lake
- Take a bus 449 or 604, 400-1, 400 and get off at Suseong Land 
- Take a bus 403 or 449, 564 and get off at Dusandong Community Service Center

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