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[Entertainment/Press Article] Korea Daegu Sticker Photo Studio

[Photo booth Studio for a Rainy Day]

Korea Daegu Sticker Photo Studio in a rainy day
Photo booths studios originated in Japan, but they are very popular all over Korea as well. There are several around Daegu, but there’s a fairly large one right downtown. It has about 10 booths inside.

The interior of Sticker photo studio and the photo booths
Whether you go with your significant other or with your friends, it is a great way to capture the moment for posterity. Have some indoor fun at a photo booth studio on the next rainy day.

The coin changing machine
If you’ve never been, it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming at first. The first step: choose your booth. The machines range from 5,000 to 7,000 won. The booths only take change, but there are change machines you can use. You insert bills and select how many 500 won coins you want. The change machine dispenses the number of coins you select and gives you the rest in 1,000 won bills, so you don’t get a lot of unnecessary change. 

Some of the booths are Bluetooth enabled, so the photos can be sent straight to your phone afterwards. Be aware that sometimes the Bluetooth doesn’t work properly. The photo booths have a green screen background and a wall of light with a screen and camera in the front. 

1. Choose 3 backgrounds

1. Choose 3 backgrounds you want

2. Smile with hilarious pose
Enter your coins into the booth of your choosing and make the selections that come up on the screen. The first options are, typically, what backgrounds or frames you want around the pictures. Don’t worry: more stickers and backgrounds can be added during editing. Most of the options aren’t in English, but it doesn’t really matter. Just choose randomly. You will end up with cute photos regardless. Pose for your hilarious photos as many times as the machine allows. 

3. Choose a photo cutting pattern
They generally take around six or eight photos. When you’re done taking pictures, it will ask you which ones you want to edit. The more you edit, the more get printed per sheet. So if there is a bad photo, you may not want to bother editing it.

4. Editing the photos with many options
The second step is editing. You actually have to leave the photo booth to edit your photos. There are separate editing booths connected to the photo booth where you can spend some time editing your photo. Sometimes the edit booth is on the left of the booth and sometimes it is on the right, but your photos will automatically be displayed on an edit booth screen. Look around for your edit booth. Pay attention to the countdown on the screens though: that’s how much time you have to edit. The options are all in Korean, but just click around, and you’ll see the wide range of things that these booths allow you to do to your pictures. The crazier you make your pictures, the better! Some of the more common editing tools are changing your eye or hair color, changing eye size, adding crazy stickers, writing and drawing on your pictures, and adding borders and backgrounds. When you’re finished editing, just hit the finish button (that part is usually in English).

4. Please wait till printing the photo is finished
From there quickly exit the edit booth and find the print screen. The print screen will display a series of print layouts for your photos. Select your layout quickly though because the layout option is only displayed for about 30 seconds before it automatically selects a layout for you. Typically, the layouts allow you to print some larger pictures, some medium ones, and some very small ones on one sheet. You only get one sheet of printed pictures at these booths, but there are doubles on the sheets, so you can still share with your friends. They are printed on sticker paper, so it’s easy to stick them on whatever you want.

5. You can make more copies with the computer and the scanner
If you need more copies of the pictures, don’t worry. At the back of the room there is a computer and scanner. Select the scanner icon from the start menu and then find the scan button. Scan your photos in and email them to everyone. There is a desk on the right side of the room where the manager of the studio sits. He or she can help you to scan if you have trouble with the Korean interface on the computers and scanners.

6. Add protective seal on your photo
If you’re interested, the manager at the desk can put a protective, matte seal on your photos to keep them from getting scratched or damaged at no extra cost. On the desk, you will also find clear, plastic slips for you to put your pictures in for safer transport. The studio also has tables, chairs, and scissors at the back of the room, so you can cut out your pictures right away and split them between your friends.

7. You've done!
Photo booth studios are a silly way to spend a rainy afternoon, and the photos make great souvenirs. Try a few different, and make your pictures as crazy as you can with all the editing options.    

The exterior of the sticker photo studio
To get to the studio, start at the stage downtown next to Bennigan’s and Donga Department store. When you’re facing the front of the stage, take a left down the street with the Body Shop on the corner, keeping the Body Shop on your right-hand side. Keep walking straight down that street, and you’ll see a big photo booth studio on your right. There’s a big Pikachu in the front window, and the English on the sign reads, “Girl, Photo, and Fun…” 

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[쁘띠오디션(Petit Audition)]
Address: 55-54 Gongpyeong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea

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