Wednesday, November 12, 2014

[Festival] E-world Star Lights Festival 2014

A huge tree in E-world
Somehow, this time of the year, we have so many emotions cross our minds; regrets for the past and expectation for the coming year. At a time like this, it is good to enjoy wonderful festivals that our city prepares. Among those, a firework festival which will embroider the crispy autumn night sky is waiting for you. The second 'E-World Star Lights Festival' is the one introduced here. E-World, which plans rumbustious events on special days or anniversaries, prepares the year-end festival with fantastic fireworks and luminarie installations. 

Santa under the tree in E-world

Beautiful road decorated with lights in E-World

Beautiful fireworks on the night sky

E-World decorated with a variety shapes of lights

A beautiful huge tree is in the middle of E-World

Beautiful light bags are floating on the night sky in Daegu

[The 2nd E-World Star Lights Festival]

▶ Date/Time: Nov 22, 2014 / 18:00~22:00
 Venue: E-World and near 83 Tower
Christmas tree lighting ceremony: The glamorous lights on the biggest Christmas tree in Daegu will be turned on at the event!
Flying wish balloons to the sky: Flying 830 luminous balloons in order to reenact the flying lanterns event which moved the heart of the participants last year will present a grand sight with flying balloons to the night sky
Firework show: A fantastic fireworks will be displayed to the sky high against the background of 83 Tower
‘Make a Wish’ event

Besides, luminarie installations will add the end of the year atmosphere to all over the E-World and 83 Tower. Why don’t you visit here on upcoming 22 Nov and enjoy this tumultuous year-end event!!

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