Thursday, November 6, 2014

[Living] Closing Days of Supermarkets in Daegu

Closing Days of Supermarkets in Daegu in November
Korea, as a great shopping destination, has very clean and convenient supermarkets to enjoy one- stop shopping. You will find almost anything you need there. Since a few large supermarket complexes often include restaurants, bookstores and even movie theatres, the places are good enough for you to spend a whole day relaxing.
While some supermarkets open 24/7, others close once or twice a month according to their policy. It’s good to check in advance when your neighbor supermarket closes.

Here’s which one closes when~~~

Nov 9 / Nov 23 (second & fourth Sundays)
-Lotte Mart: in Daegu Yulha will close
-Home Plus: in Daegu Suseong, Seongseo and Chilgok will close
-E-mart: in Gamsam, Manchon, Banyawol, Bisan, Seongseo, Siji, Wolbae and Chilseong will close

Nov 12 / Nov 26 (second & fourth Wednesdays)
-Home Plus: in Kyeongsan will close

Nov 26 (fourth Wednesday only)

-E-mart: in Kyeongsan will close

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