Thursday, November 13, 2014

[Culture] Have a warm winter with Love Concert of Takin

A vocal of Takin sing  a song on the satage
Do you love Korean music? As you know, K-pop is being listened outside Korea and has become a globally loved music attracting many people to Korea. Even it’s difficult to have a chance to attend idol’s concert in Daegu, you don’t have to disappointed because you can meet a great music team named ’Takin’ at Daegu Art Factory! 

Takin, a fusion music team having a performance on the stage

Takin, Love concert is will be opened at Daegu Art Factory soon
‘Takin’ is a compound word of ‘take’ and ‘’(sounds ‘in’ meaning ‘imprinting’) while making a complete meaning of ‘imprint music on audience’s memory and mind’. They play fusion music mixed with jazz and practical music providing relaxed and easy to hear melodies.

A singer of Takin sing a song with guitar on the stage of Daegu Art Factory
 Takin is one of the teams worked in 3rd Ten-Topic Project and have introduced several great music songs which include remake songs from IU and Kim Gwang Seok, the best Korean singers. Among the music that makes ‘Takin’ as a special music team is definitely the fusion of Korean folk song and Rock.

The members of Takin having a performance in Daegu Art Factory

The audience are listening music of Takin at Daegu Art Factory
 If you have heard any Korean folk song, the complex melody and uncomprehensible lyrics probably hinder you from enjoying the music. For this reason, Takin’s Love Concert will give you a great chance to enjoy Korean folk music as an interesting fusion folk song. Play the following video and enjoy ‘Love Song (사랑가, Original song from Aux, the fusion tradition Korean music band) which is one of the fusion folk songs of Takin.

 Join and make your winter warm with lovely songs of Takin! :)

Love Concert, Takin
*Date & Time: Nov. 15 (SAT) / 4PM ~ 5PM
*Place: At the lobby of Daegu Art Factory, 1F (Address: 22gil, 31-12, Dalseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu)
- Listen to me (들어봐)
- Just the two of us (original_Bill Withers)
- I loved you (사랑했지만, orignal_Kim Gwang seok)
- Be dust (먼지가 되어, orignal_Kim Gwang seok)

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