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[Living] How to save money on utility bills in winter in Korea & How to read them

How to save money on utility bills in winter in Korea & How to read them
There are so many kinds of utility bills to pay every month such as electric, gas and water bills. Moreover, when it gets colder, the heating cost always goes beyond what we have expected. However, you can save money if you take advantage of cumulative scale system of public utilities.
Here, we will check the smart tips to save utility cost and to read the complicated utility bills written in Korean as well.

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01. Electric bill

Electric bill
-Basic charge: This charge is to cover the cost for building electric energy generating facilities.
-Energy charge: A six way sort is applied according to the amount used for residential electricity and the sorting is indicated on the back of the bill.
-Electric charge system: An aggregate amount of basic and energy charge minus discounts if any.
-Late fee: If unpaid for (or less than) one month, 1.5% will be surcharged each day. If unpaid for more than one month, 2.5% will be surcharged each day.
-Electric energy fund: The fund is established by Korean government to work on all sorts of supporting projects related to electric energy.

How to save electric bill
-Try not to use electric heating device as much as possible. About 9,760 won can be saved if you use electric heater 4 hours less a day for 20 days.
-Unplug all electrical appliances if not in use. Then 10% of the bill will be saved.
-Do laundry with cold water. Compared to hot water, 90% of energy can be saved.
-Use LED lights. It spends electricity just 1/8 of incandescent bulb and is semi-permanent.
-Filling refrigerator 60% is effective in power-saving.
-If paid by electronic transfer, you'll receive a 1,000 won discount. And if the bill is received by e-mail or mobile, you'll get a 200 won discount or more. Call 123 or visit the website of Korean Electric Power Corporation ( for service.

02. Gas bill
Gas bill
-User contract number: This number is helpful for prompt service. (*note: It’s different from the customer number)
-Basic charge: A fixed cost covering gas supply to customers
-The price of used gas: The price of notified amount of gas multiplied by the average calories

How to save gas bill
-It is important to keep warm air from leaking out. For a short outing, you’d better not turn the boiler off. 20% of energy can be saved if the room temperature is well-maintained with curtain or carpet.
-Using 'Going out mode' of the boiler is better for less-than-8 hour-outing.
-Turn the faucets to Cold. The gas is continuously spent if the faucets are turned to Hot.

-Use a humidifier. It heats up the air quickly by helping air circulation.


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