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[Living/Press Article] Kings Cups Cake Studio―Daegu Cake Decorating Café

Kings Cups Cake Studio―Daegu Cake Decorating Café
Korea is home to a host of wonderful, themed cafes; there are cat and dog cafes, board game cafes, and even a sheep café (in Seoul). But if you’ve got a sweet tooth, like to bake, or have a birthday coming up, you need to check out a cake decorating café. A cake studio is where you can make a sweet treat with a personal touch, so get some hands-on experience decorating your own cake or cupcakes.

The cupcakes and frostings in the shop
Kings Cups Cake Studio makes cupcakes and cakes right on the premises in a variety of flavors. For less than 20,000 won, you can decorate a cake, and for only 10,000 won, you can decorate four cupcakes! Included in the cost of the cupcakes or cake is two flavors/colors of frostings: one must be white and the other is one of your choosing. 

The attendee of the cooking class is squeezing the cream on the chocolate cupcakes
Cakes come in vanilla and chocolate, but you can choose any combination of four flavors of cupcakes. The cupcake flavors rotate. Some flavors include chocolate chip, strawberry, cappuccino, and almond. The first step when you go to Kings Cups is to place your cake, cupcake, and frosting order at the cash register at the back of the shop. You will not pay until you are finished decorating though.

Fancy decorated cupcakes
The only additional cost is the decorations themselves. Kings Cups has a well-stocked selection of anything you need to create a beautiful cake or cupcake. From sprinkles and sugar decorations to piping gel and candles, you’ll find everything you need in the display case in the center of the shop. Just get a tray and some tongs from the sterilization cabinet, and choose as little or as few decorations as you want. 

The attendees are squeezing cream on the cupcakes
All the decorations have different prices, so be sure to read the signs. Even with the added cost, these cake decorations are rarely above 1,000 won each. When you’re finished decorating, bring all your materials to the cash register so that the staff member can add up your decoration costs and get your total. You will pay at this time. The staff member will also box as many of your cupcakes as you want. There are sturdy boxes that can accommodate between 1 and 4 cupcakes if you don’t want to eat them all immediately.

Fancy decorated cupcakes
There are other cake studios in Daegu, but in order to get to Kings Cups, go out exit 13 of Banwoldang subway station. Facing the outdoor fountain, take the slight left fork in the road. That road will bring you past Uniqlo on your left. Walk one block and take your first right. Walk another block, and you’ll be standing in front of Wonderbra. The board game café is on your left, and the cake café is on your right. Look for a light blue sign with a crown on it on the second floor.

Fancy decorated cupcakes
Kings Cups Cake Studio is a fun way to spend a few hours no matter if there is an occasion to celebrate or not, and it is definitely an activity that kids of all ages will enjoy. Cake cafes are one kind of themed café that simply can’t be missed in Korea.

[Kings Cups Cake Studio]
-Phone: 053-287-5552
-Address: 2F, 8-8, Samdukdong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu
-Opening hours: 11:00 - 22:00 (Close every Monday)

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