Friday, November 7, 2014

[Restaurant/Press Article] Have a taste of Westernized Chinese food at The Shanghai Grill.

Delicious Chinese food restaurant in Daegu
Although you may love Korean food it is sometimes nice to have a change, and try some familiar food from home. Weirdly the food a lot of people miss here in Korea is Chinese food. It may be strange to live in Asia and miss Asian inspired food, but over the decades other countries have created their own takes on Chinese classics. There are many delicious ‘Koreianized’ Chinese restaurants here in Daegu but The Shanghai Grill does a fantastic job at creating the familiar tastes of westernized Chinese food.

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-Yaki Udon(Spicy fried noodle) which you can taste in Daegu Chinese restaurants:

American-Chinese fusion restaurant Shanghai Grill

Shanhai Grill restaurant in Nam-gu, Daegu
The Shanghai Grill is located down the road from the Palace hotel near Camp Walker (detailed instructions for how to get there are listed below). You can come and grab a take away for a night in, or bring a group of friends for a sit down meal.

Simple interior of Shanghai Grill

Clean and simple interior of Shanghai Grill

The open and close time of Shanghai Grill
The restaurant is open from 11:00am to 9:30pm and also serves Korean drinks such as Soju and Hite so you can combine the great taste of home with your Korean favorites.

The menu of Shanghai Grill, Chinese restaurant

Delicious Chinese restaurant in Daegu

Spring Roll and Crab Rangoon are on the menu of Shanghai Grill

A variety of dishes are prepared in Shanghai Grill

Delights such as spring rolls and satay chicken are available in Shanghai Grill
The menu is extensive. Delights such as spring rolls, satay chicken and crab parcels are available in small and large sizes, as well as main dishes such as Mongolian beef, General Tso’s chicken, orange chicken and many more. There is also a Lomein noodle dish and a fried rice dish to accompany any meal. If you are looking for a less expensive lunch alternative there is also smaller cheaper meals that already come with rice.

Take-out is available in Shanghai-Grill

Tasty chicken of Shanghai Grill

Noodle with rice from Shanghai Grill

Spring roll of Shanghai-Grill

Beef box from Shanghai Grill
 The restaurant may be on the expensive side with large dishes costing around 13,000won but it uses fresh ingredients and really does taste just like home. It’s the perfect place to head for a fun evening with friends, or to pick up a take away for a date in front of the TV.

The buses which are go to the Shanghai Grill

 How to get there 
Take the 순환3, 349, 400, 452 or 730 to The Palace Hotel bus stop. From here walk down the hill away from the Palace Hotel. The Shanghai grill is about a 3 minute walk towards the Nam district office junction.
 Address: Daegu, Gwang Yuk Shi, Nam Gu, Bong Duk Dong 611-26
(대구광역시 남구 봉덕동)
Telephone number: 053-742-8826


  1. I never tried any Chinese food outside Boston restaurants. As I am a regular visitor of these Boston restaurants and their food is so delicious. Another thing is that I do not like experimenting with food.

    1. Does the restaurant serve Chinese food??