Monday, November 10, 2014

[Restaurant/Press Article] Make a lovely Thanksgiving day with friends at Buy The Book

People are enjoying dinner at Buy The Book
The leaves have changed and Halloween has passed, so now it is definitely time to start thinking about Turkey. If you are American, if you have some friends who are American or if you just want to have a delicious meal with friends then Buy The Book has you covered this Thanksgiving.

Peaceful atmosphere of Buy The Book
Buy The Book is a second hand book store and restaurant located in downtown Daegu. It is famous among expats for its good home cooking and its friendly atmosphere. When you walk in the door you feel you are in a homely, relaxing bookstore that could be taken straight out of Camden in London or the exciting streets of Brooklyn. This makes it a great spot to celebrate this lovely holiday with friends. 

Beautiful flower are on the table in Buy The Book

People enjoying the dishes at Buy The Book
The restaurant will be serving Thanksgiving dinner on the 22nd- 23rd of November from 5pm to 9pm and on the 29th to the 30th of November from 12pm to 9pm. 

Delicious food at Buy The Book

Thanksgiving food at Buy The Book

A Turkey meal with the delicious trimmings of Buy The Book
 For a Turkey meal with all the delicious trimmings it is 24,900 won. There is also a delicious vegetarian option of Tofurkey for 19,000 won. If you have any room for dessert there is pumpkin cheesecake pie for 3,500 won or apple pie a la mode for 4,500 won. You won’t be able to move after this feast.

People enjoying their dishes in Buy The Book

Great spot to spend Thanksgiving day
If you think you’d like to try some of the comforts of home then reservations can be made by email :

or via their facebook page :

▶ How to get there:
(Here are some instructions we listed in a previous article that you can find HERE→ )

1 l  Start at 2.28 park (head left from Jungango exit 2 then head right when you hit the park) 
2 l  Walk past Angel in Us (it'll be on the left) 
3 l  Keep walking straight through that intersection (the one with Angle in Us on the corner) 
4 l  Walk past Holly's Coffee. Keep walking straight 
5 l  At the end of that block, there's a Coffee Bean. Keep walking straight 
6 l  At the next intersection, you'll see a Starbucks on the second floor 
7 l  It will be straight ahead and towards the left. Turn left (don't go straight past the Starbucks) 
8 l  On the left, you'll see Mr. Pizza. Buy the book is on the 4th floor! 

★ Find more restaurants around 2.28 Park

- Bidaily Restaurant (serving a variety of salads, pasta and pizza)
- Boogie Burger(serving American style hamburgers)

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