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[Bar/Press Article] New types of Korean Milky Rice Wine, Makgeolli

New types of Korean Milky Rice Wine, Makgeolli
When I leave Korea there is definitely one item I will miss. Makgeolli! This milky rice wine is in every shop in Korea. It is drunk by everyone in Korea from young hipster teens to old Korean men.

Although buying the bottles is easy there is nothing quite like visiting a makgeolli bar and getting the full makgeolli experience. Many Expats will tell you the legend of fantastic makgeolli bars that have disappeared over the years in Daegu but fear not, a new bar has opened that is ready to fill the void. 

A menu cover written as 'Dalbit'

A waitress is making the fusion Makgeolli
Situated above Thursday Party one sits ‘Dalbit Hanmogeum’ which translates in English as ‘A sip of Moonlight’. This bar, like most makgeolli bars, requires you to order some food from their menu so that you can sip on some of their specialist drinks. 

Cheese pizza

But fear not, the bar is well priced with a variety of foods to choose from. I would come back here just to eat in the future. We tried their pizza jang which was sweet potato, kimchi and LOTS of cheese served on a hot plate. Sounds simple but it was very tasty. We also sampled the bulgogi on chive pancake which was just as good. 

Menu introduced iced green grape Makgeolli

Menu introduced iced blueberry Makgeolli
You can order the normal, traditional makgeolli bottles you see in stores but this bar specialises in fresh fruit makgeolli in a variety of flavours.  The base of these smoothie-like creations is a honey makgeolli and the friendly staff will blend fresh fruit into your drink right in front of you. 

Makgeolli mixed strawberry juice

A bowl remained some Makgeolli as the shape of the half moon
We tried the strawberry, kiwi, and mango and they were all delicious. This bar should almost come with a warning sign because you will forget you are drinking strong alcohol. If fruit isn’t to your taste you can even have a candy makgeolli with candies blended straight into your drink.

The graffiti painted a girl wearing Hanbok
The décor has been well thought out and has taken aspects of traditional Korea and mixed it with an urban feel. The graffitied blossoms and Hanboks on the stairwell sum this up. The owners attention to detail can be seen everywhere such as the odd shaped makgeolli cups that reveals a moon once you drink. After all the bar is named after the ‘moonlight’.  It’s these little touches that set this bar apart from others.
If you are looking for a great, well priced place to catch up with some friends then Dalbit Hanmogeum is the place for you. 

[How to get there]
If you are in down town Daegu and staring at the stage you need to take the left hand road. Walk straight until you reach the first junction. There should be a Lotteria on your right. Turn right and then a few meters later take the first left turn. You will walk past Thursday party two but keep going. This is not the Thursday party you need. Keep going and you should walk through another junction which should have a large ‘OK’ Noraebang on your left. Keep walking straight over this junction and a few meters down you will see Thursday part one. Above this is Dal Bit. A side door will lead you to the second floor.
*This place does get busy so if you are a large party or you are really thirsty make sure to arrive early.

Dalbit Hanmogeum(A sip of Moonlight) Makgeolli
-Address: (2F) 58-8, Dongseongro 3-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu (대구광역시 중구 동성로3 58-8)
-Phone: 053-253-4939

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