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[Entertainment/Press Article] Korean Multi Bang(combined Karaoke, DVD watching & video game playing)

Korean Multi Bang
If you’ve been in Korea for any length of time, you already know about the infamous “noraebang,” or “singing room,” where you and your friends can belt out practically any song in the privacy of your own little room with a karaoke screen. Noraebangs are very popular amongst foreigners and Koreans alike, but they aren’t the only “bangs” available. “Bang” simply means “room” in Korean. There are an endless number of themed rooms in Korea, providing all kinds of entertainment for anyone of any age. There are also PC bangs, video game bangs, and DVD bangs—just to name a few. But the mother of all the bangs is the “multi bang.” Multi bangs combine all the fun of the four bangs already mentioned into one super convenient room for you and your friends to enjoy.

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A typical multi bang offers a small collection of DVDs, full noraebang capabilities, a Wii with various games, and several computer games. Some multi bangs also have an Xbox. Multi bangs carry snacks and drinks in the lobby in case you should need any refreshments. Please be aware that most do not offer alcohol, like typical noraebangs do, so you should bring your own if you or your friends are looking to drink.
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For the few hours that you have your multi bang, you are free to switch between any of the entertainment systems offered. It is up to you whether you want to play games, sing, or watch a movie. The room cost is about 20,000 for 2 hours, but, typically, the attendant will add time to your room for free, especially if you buy drinks of snacks as well.
[Photo by Marie Unruh]

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There are various multi bangs in the downtown area of Daegu. One is located near Buy the Book Café and Artbox. Go out exit 2 of Jugangno and take your first left. When you reach the end of the street and 2.28 Memorial Park is right in front of you, take a right. Continue walking straight, and you’ll pass an Angels In Us and a Holly’s coffee, both on your left. After Holly’s, walk straight through one more 4-way intersection. At the next intersection, you’ll see a Starbucks. Don’t walk passed the Starbucks. Instead, turn left, and you’ll see Mr. Pizza and Buy the Book on your left. Walk passed them for about 30 meters, and on the same side of the street, you’ll see a sign with three colored balls on it. That sign is for the pool hall that is on one floor of the building. The multibang is on the fourth floor of that building. 
[Photo by Marie Unruh]

Multi bangs are the perfect place for anyone looking to have an awesome night with their friends. 

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