Friday, December 19, 2014

[Exhibition] Feel sweet winter romance with Super Romantics!

Super Romantics is on going at Daegu Art Factory
What a wonderful season are we in! Are you enjoying this Christmassy and year-end atmosphere enough? Every corner of streets is boisterous with beautiful lights and carols. Here in Daegu, thankfully, there's one more thing that makes this season more romantic and fantastic! 'Super Romantics', the exhibition of experimental art project, is in full swing from Dec. 9th at Daegu Art Factory. The mixture of occidental romanticism and today's experimental arts shows innovative and unique art works. 30 pieces of work from 23 artist teams are exhibited. Why don't you fall into the sweet winter romance with Super Romantics? 

An installation artwork of Yoo Mok-yon in the lobby of Daegu Art Factory

An interesting installation artwork
The installation artwork of Yoo, Mokyon in the lobby. The artist’s personal confidential experiences are shown through visual media, with overlapping images of political and social realities at the time of personal daily turning points.

The artwork deals with the temporality through neon signs
The work you meet before entering the first exhibition room Choi Dae-jin, the author of the work deals with the temporality through neon signs.

An video work of Lee Tae-hee in the second exhibition room
A video work of Lee, Taehee at the left side of the first exhibition room. The artist uses Stonhenge as the theme of this piece of work by linking the heritages of mankind with human beings and the universe instead of thinking of it simply as remains of the Stone Age.

Paintings are on the well of second exhibition room, Daegu Art Factory
The art painting of Bae, Yoon Hwan. The artist interpreted his experiences from ‘day to day’ into a descriptive painting by using oil pastel and conte drawing.

The video works of Hanae Utamura
In the storage room on the second floor, video works of Hanae Utamura and Wang Yuyang are on show. Their works express beautiful natural with different subjects.

Shin Jae-hyun's installation art which is the torture device
The installation art from the artist Shin, Jaehyun. The torture device made for this exhibition relieves the abnormal knotted muscles from excessive studying and working.

In addition to these five works introduced, you can meet a variety works of art at the every corner of first and second floor in Daegu Art Factory. Hope you enjoy this winter romance in this place, where you can meet lively and fantastic arts! 

2014 Experimental Art Project
Dec. 9th. 2014 ~ Jan. 25th. 2015

- Opening Hours: Tue ~ Sun / 10AM ~ 6PM
*Entrance time is from opening hour to an hour before closing hour (5PM)
*Closed on Monday
- Admission fee: Free
- Docent time: 2 PM/4 PM (two times a day)

[Daegu Art Factory]
-Location: 58-2, Suchang-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu (Annexed warehouse of the former Daegu Tobacco Factory)
-Admission fee: Free (except for a few of special exhibitions)

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