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[Information] Korean language institutes in Daegu -University affiliated ones

Korean language institutes in Daegu -University affiliated ones
01. Korean Language Institute in Yeongnam University
The institute provides Korean lectures through a 4-step regular course which covers all skills of language: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
The basic course, level one, aims for commanding everyday language skills. Mastering level 3 will help to communicate with local people without having inconveniences. At level 4 classes, students make progress in Korean well enough for academic publications and advanced speaking ability as well.

How to apply
  1) Submit application in person or by mail
    *Inquiries: +82) 53-810-7885 Administration team of Korean Language Institute
2) The KLI(Korean Language Institute notifies admission and e-mail an invoice.
3) Applicants transfer the tuition and fees.
  4) The KLI sends the Certificate of Admission and a receipt for the tuition.
5) Applicants btain D-4(Language student) visa from the Korean Embassy to their country.

  -The full regular course comprises 4 semesters: 10 weeks each.
  -Each class is set through a placement test.

Tuition and Fees (first two semesters)
- Application Fee: 50,000 won
- Tuition: 2,200,000 won
- Housing (dorm.): 900,000 won / Deposit 150,000 won
- Total: 3,300,000 won

For more details, please visit: http://kli.yu.ac.kr/

02. Korean Language Institute in Daegu Catholic University
All educational courses of Korean as a foreign language are well prepared to all language skill areas like speaking, reading, listening and writing.
Advanced speaking expressions in high level course are reinforced while operating a pronunciation clinic class.

A regular course
-The Korean Language Regular Course is an annual program for high school students who are 15 years of age or older of overseas. This course is comprised of 4 terms per year (spring, summer, fall and winter) and graded classes are practiced according to the students’ Korean language proficiency ability.

How to apply
- Application Documents: completed application form, study plan, self-introduction, certificate of most recent graduation or current enrollment, affidavit of financial support, copy of the first page of passport, bank statement (more than US $5,000), etc.

Tuitions and fees (first 10 weeks)
- Application Fee: 40,000 won
- Tuition: 1,000,000 won
- Housing: 400,000 won
- Total: 1,800,000 won

For more details, visit: http://kli.cu.ac.kr/

03. Korean Language Institute in Keimyung University
The Korean language program of Keimyoung University is a specialized language lecture for foreigners and overseas Koreans who want to learn the Korean language.

How to apply
- Application Documents: completed application, copy of passport, Korean language study plan, academic record, transcript, certificate of bank balance under applicant's name, personal reference

Educational period: 5 days a week (Mon~Fri, 4 hours a day) for 10 weeks: total of 200 hours

Tuition and fees (first 10 weeks)
-Application Fee: 100,000 won
-Tuition: 1,200,000 won

For more details, visit: http://web.kmu.ac.kr/kintlcenter/

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