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[Living] Best 5 guides for Christmas in Daegu

Best 5 guides for Christmas in Daegu
Even it's the first time you have the Christmas in Korea or not, the day is quite different to your country's one. Christmas in Korea is nearly consumptive day rather than familial holiday. In contrast with Europe or other western countries, young people and couples spend their money around downtown in Christmas day in Korea, so the main street of city centre is crowded as much as it might be desperate. Even you want to spend something special day in Christmas, it mightn't what you want that wandering about in the street and being the one of the huge crowds.
In that reason, I recommend 5 guides for Christmas that is special and give full of enjoyment in Daegu only.

1. Go to Seomun Market and Deal with diverse snacks the hottest ones for Daegu people these day.
Seomun Market was traditionally famous for food that you can have only in Daegu like fish cake with hot chili sauce, Napjak Mandu, and Kaljebi. But cheap, unique and delicious snacks newly have become popular these day. The market opens in Christmas day.

Semo Mandu(세모만두; Triangle shaped dumpling)
It's different to Napjak Mandu that you can easily see in Seomun Market because containing more chopped onions. The dumpling gets more popular after appearing on Korean TV show.

Samgyeopsal Jajangmyeon(삼겹살 자장면; Black soybean sauce noodle with pork belly)
If you went to Chinese restaurant in Korea before, you must have seen or eaten Jajangmyeon. But Seomun Market's one is different. Pieces of baked Samgyeopsal is topped on Jajangmyeon, so it will arouses your taste!

Fresh fruits juice
The fruits like oranges, grapefruits and pomegranates stacked on the rack presents a grand sight in the market. A tons of left fruit peels ironically shows a confidence to the quality of the juice.

Pot(flower pot) Bingsu
I think it's the most strange Bingsu in Korea. It looks just like a flower pot; black dirt, earthworm and pebbles are only you can see at a first glance though (Spoons are even shovel shaped ones!), the Bingsu, in fact, made with chocolate cookies, earthworm shaped jelly and pebbles shaped chocolate. The item must give a surprise but exciting experience for a while!
 [Photo by Daegu SNS supporters 2014]

2. Go to 83 Tower and experience all entertainments and food in the tower all day long.

Renewed 83 Tower has almost everything that you have fun by indoor activitiesnice restaurants, casual bistros, cafes, ice link and even interesting exhibition halls! If you get bored, you can just go out and have fun by going on the rides in E-world!
 [Photo by 83 Tower website]

3. Tour all dance clubs in Daegu which holds Christmas party over night
You know there is a dance club alley near downtown in Daegu. Most of dance clubs hold a dance party in Christmas party with special stages and events. If you want to spend uproarious and exciting night for Christmas, why don't you go to the dance club alley?
[Photo by AU Club]

4. Tour the 5th course of Modern history alley(근대골목 5코스)
Modern history alley has already become famous for Koreans and foreigners, but the 5th course will be more meaningful in the Christmas day. Because the course is consisted of the places concerning Catholic and Christianity. You will leave meaningful memories that you can get only Christmas day by walking around the alleys.
Find out detailed information of Daegu Modern History Alley:
Download Junggu Walking Tour App here:

5. Be the Santa Clause!
Being the Santa Clause and dealing out gifts for children is the most popular volunteer work in Korea these day. The main work is wrapping the gifts, visiting the children's homes whose sponsored by a social welfare foundation. You can also apply the job to Green Umbrella Children Welfare Foundation.

-Applying period: ~Dec 20, 2014(Sat)
-Who can apply: New sponsors who determined to make a donation 5,000won at least each month.

-How to apply: Call to 053-756-9799(Green Umbrella Children Welfare Foundation Daegu branch)

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