Wednesday, December 17, 2014

[Living] How to Send a Gift by Using Korean Mobile Gifticon(a mobile gift voucher)

How to Send a Gift by Using Korean Mobile Gifticon(a mobile gift voucher)
Many Koreans use a mobile gift shop application to send a gift to their families, friends and to coworkers. You need to buy gifts for coming Christmas but don't have time for shopping? Then why don't you use the Korean mobile App store as it is very easy and convenient to use.

1. Using 'Gifticon Syrup'
This easy to download mobile App recommends you appropriate items to select showing several possible occasions.
You can choose the (list of) receiver(s) from the contact list of Kakaotalk or Facebook.

Personal authentication is essential. Click the 'Identifying to Use' and choose 'mobile Identification' on the left side.
Read and accept all the policy terms and enter your name, gender and date of birth. And then click 'requesting authentication' after choosing your mobile carrier.

After entering the verification code number sent to you, click 'next' button. If you accept all the policy terms of Gifticon click ‘next’ button again. Here, you can set up your password for Gifticon App.

Now, it’s time for shopping. If you click one of the theme shops (birthday, baby shower, cheering up, etc.) you’d like to visit, recommended items are shown according to each occasion. 
Besides the theme shops, brand shops categorize goods by items. For example, if you choose the coffee/drink, you will see the product list with diverse brands, types and sizes.
Choose one of the items you want, pick an e-card with a brief message. And then choose the receiver designating the route that the gift delivers: text message, Kakaotalk or Facebook messenger.

There are 2 option for paying the gift'small sum charging on the mobile’ and 'credit card'. Choose either one and click 'Pay it'.
If ‘credit card’ is chosen, a payment service App will open. Proceed to the payment.
If Kakaotalk is chosen as a route, the Kakaotalk App will open automatically. Just choose the person to whom you are sending a gift from the list.

2. Using the Mobile Gift-shop in Kakaotalk
You can also send a gift at Kakaotalk which Koreans use a lot. The good point of this shopping is easy and convenient.

Click 'See more' in Kakaotalk to find a 'gift shop' tab.
In 'recommended theme' corner are shown the items appropriate for occasions: birthday, Christmas, anniversary, marriage, etc.

In 'brand' corner, all the items are categorized: infant, fashion, beauty, etc. It's easy to find a specific item.
Here, I show you how I sent a schedule note 2015 as a Christmas gift to my friend by using 'search function'.
When I chose what I wanted and clicked 'Buy the gift', Kakaotalk friend list showed up.

I chose a friend of mine and a payment method among 4: 'Kakao Pay' (like 'Apple Pay'), 'credit card payment', 'small sum charging on the mobile’ and 'Bankwallet Kakao Payment'(which links bank account to Kakaotalk).

The gift was sent to my friend as soon as I paid!!


  1. Thanks for this description. I still have trouble finding an item I want (since searching in English doesn't really work), but this helped!

    1. One other thing: when you describe the options, it would be even more incredibly useful if you would say something like 'Kakao Pay' and then give the hangul so that we would know what to look for! But again, thanks.

  2. Not available for intenational users wanting to send gifts to Korean friends though. UGH.