Monday, December 15, 2014

[Restaurant/Press Article] The Recommended Italian Restaurant, Little Italia

There are a ton of pasta restaurants to choose from in Daegu, but the majority of them have what foreigners might consider to be a more Koreanized form of Italian food; the tomato sauce is on the spicy side, and they might add things in the pasta that you wouldn’t normally see in the traditional Italian version. That being said, most Korean pasta places have a big selection of pizza, risotto, and both cream sauce and tomato sauce pasta, so it can be good. Still, if you really have a craving for the version of Italian food that you are more familiar with, you might be disappointed at one of the Korean chain restaurants. The area around Suseong Lake has several Italian restaurants that are very authentic, but those are a bit on the pricy side. If you’re looking for a great place to have some true Italian food without paying top dollar, you should check out Little Italia downtown.

Little Italia serves delicious Italian food prepared with natural, fresh ingredients. The chef actually studied in Italy, and he makes amazing dishes. He also takes the time to interact with his guests and make sure they are all pleased with their meal. Little Italia serves a great range of pizzas and pastas, and they even have gnocchi! Additionally, there are a variety of wines and beers for you to enjoy with your meal and appetizers that include bruschetta and garlic bread. The prices are average for a slightly more upscale Italian restaurant of this kind.

The portions are a decent size that leaves you feeling full but not over-stuffed. Little Italia gives guests complimentary warm bread and oil before dinner and a small dessert after dinner. All the food is presented artfully and elegantly in addition to it tasting amazing. If you’re like me, you’ll probably think it smells so good that you’ll forget to take a picture of it before you eat it. (sorry for the lack of pictures!)

In terms of atmosphere, Little Italia scores high marks. The restaurant is very small, with about 8 tables, making it the perfect size to go with a group of 4 or less. The interior is decorated with wine bottles, and chalkboards display the specials for the day. Guests can enjoy watching the chef work as the there is a window looking into the kitchen. Outside, there is a small patio, separating it a bit from the walking street, and giving the restaurant a completely different appearance than most other Korean-style buildings. The patio has a few outdoor tables as well.

To get to Little Italia, begin by facing the stage. There are four branches at the stage: one goes to the left, one to the right, and there are two behind the stage itself. Behind the stage, there is a right street and a left street. Take the left street, and continue walking. Take your first left, and Little Italia will be just ahead on your left.

Little Italia is the perfect place to go on a date night or with friends. If you are missing authentic Italian food, Little Italia is the place to get it.

[Little Italia]
-Address: 45-1, Gongpyeong-dong, Junggu, Daegu (대구 중구 공평동 45-1)
-Phone: +82-53-426-3992

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