Thursday, December 11, 2014

[Tour] Hyangchon Cultural Center/ Downtown of Daegu in Modern Times

Whereas some foreigners think South Korea as a poor country suffered by Korean War, others hardly can imagine the past of this country seeing these current modernized cities.

Daegu, one of the metropolitan cities in Korea, has many pre-war structures than any other cities do thanks to less damaged during the war. Even so, it is hard to imagine the look of Daegu of early or mid 1950s. 'Hyangchon Cultural Center', that opened lately, is the space for cultural exhibitions that restored the charms of yesterday’s Daegu.

The title, Hyangchon, is named after the location that the museum is placed. The area used to be a high street of Daegu in the early 1900's. Many cafes, bars and music halls were the regular haunts of famous artists, writers and musicians in Korea.

On the first floor, the scene of Jungangro, the biggest commercial area that time, is duplicated. You also can meet past scenes of Bukseongro, Gyodong Market, and Daegu station as well.
The cafes and bars, where the artists and musicians gathered, and Munhwa Movie Theater are well duplicated on the second floor. Above all, Nokhyan, the oldest music café in Korea, is re-set up in the center so that you can listen to the classical music just like the way that people enjoyed 30 years ago.

[Hyangchon Cultural Center]
-Operation period: Every Tuesday ~ Sunday(closed on every Monday)
-Opening hours: 09:00~19:00
-Docent program: 11:00~12:00 / 14:00~15:00
-Address: 449, Jungangdae-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu(대구광역시 중구 중앙대로 449)

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