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[Bar/Press Article] Ggotbat(Flower Garden) Wine Bar in Daegu

Ggotbat(Flower Garden) Wine Bar in Daegu
Daegu is the home of many romantic restaurants and bars, but perhaps the best one is 꽃밭 (Ggot Bat), or Flower Garden,wine bar.꽃밭 (Ggot Bat) wine bar has the most unique atmosphere of any bar in Daegu.

The sign of Ggotbat wine barA wine decker

The entrance to꽃밭 (Ggot Bat)  is just up a set of stairs lit by several red candles. You have to remove your shoes upon entrance. The bar itself has beautiful Indian-inspired decorations, like long, hanging lanterns. The entire bar smells like hookah as 꽃밭 (Ggot Bat)  is also a hookah bar. Don’t let this turn you off if you aren’t a smoker though. You don’t have to sit near people smoking hookah, and the flavored tobacco smells quite fruity. 

The candle light on the wine tableBeautiful candles on the wine table

The primary source of light in꽃밭 (Ggot Bat) are the many tall candles spread out throughout the bar. Therefore, it is very dimly lit, which is perfect for a romantic date night. The bar is also very warm and cozy with very private seating. You will sit on the floor in this bar, but there are plenty of pillows to keep you comfortable. There is seating on the first floor and the second as well as in small alcoves on a back set of stairs that no longer goes anywhere. You will feel as though no one else is in the bar, which is quite peaceful and relaxing in the typical hustle and bustle of Daegu.

The interior of the wine bar

A fantastic lights in the wine bar
As far as the menu is concerned, there is a fully stocked bar, but this place specializes in wine. You can simply buy glasses of a few choice wines, but the menu encourages buying by the bottle. The bottles range in price from around 35,000 won to over 100,000 won. It can be quite pricy, but it’s not so bad if you’re sharing. 꽃밭 (Ggot Bat), like most bars, does not have a full restaurant, but there are a few small snacks and appetizers. You are given pretzels on your table as well. 꽃밭 (Ggot Bat)  has one appetizer that is fairly uncommon in Korea but one that goes perfectly with wine: a cheese and cracker plate for about 20,000 won.

꽃밭 (Ggot Bat) is located right down the street from the Bus Bar and Club EGG. In order to get there,go out exit 10 at Banwoldang Station. Take your first left then a right at the end of that alley. Take the first left after that, and Traveler’s will be on your left. Take your first right after Traveler’s and continue walking straight for about one and a half blocks. Walk past Bus Bar and Club Egg and 꽃밭 (Ggot Bat), or Flower Garden in English, will be on your left. Look for a white sign with flowers on it and walk up the stairs with the curtain in front of it.

Table setting
꽃밭 (Ggot Bat) is the perfect place to go before dinner to have appetizers and drinks, before or after a movie if you need a place to chat and aren’t ready to end your evening, or, simply, if you want a relaxing evening out. It can be quite pricy, but it is definitely a special and unique bar that you won’t soon forget. Sometimes it’s worth paying a little bit more for amazing atmosphere. 


51-5 Samdeokdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea


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