Wednesday, January 7, 2015

[Event]Get some artistic stuff at Art Factory Market!

Daegu Art Factory Flea Market
There is no one who doesn’t like artistic stuff. Yes, it sure is great to receive a uniquely designed gift. Just watching it makes you pleased even when you don’t actually buy it.
A very good event is coming to you soon to feast your eyes and to possess a piece of art-work! ‘Art Factory Market’ hosted by artists will be held at Daegu Art Factory on coming Saturdays. Come and get some artistic stuff for yourself and your precious family or friends as well. It will definitely be a great New Year’s gift! :)

The sellers are selling their products at Daegu Art Factory

[Art Factory Market]
- Opening days: Jan. 10 (Sat) / Jan. 17 (Sat)
- Opening hour: 1:00pm ~ 5:00pm
- Market Place: Daegu Art Factory
- Type of goods for sale:
1) Artist tools (Tools for painting, drawing, picture and calligraphy)
2) Crafts made of Kraft paper (Handicrafts like illustration, accessory and interior piece)
3) Flea market goods (Household items like clothes, bags, shoes and toys)

Jan. 10 (Seller & Goods) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Artist tools
Bae Gyu-ri
calligraphy crafts (post cards, picture frames, etc.)
oil painting tools
Kim Jae-kyeong
artist items
Kraft Props
Design Bom
handicrafts (dolls, bookmarks, etc.)
wooden pots, Artist items
Kim tae-kyeong, Kim ji-hyo
dry-flower post cards, pressed flower phone cases
Flea market Items
dried flowers, plaster-air freshener, etc.
You Don’t Know Well Enough.
flea market items such as figurines, camera, etc.

- Mang-go ; oil painting -

The paintins of Man-go are on sale at Daegu Art Factory

Design Bom;handicrafts -

Pretty handicrafts are on sale

Brillet ; plaster-air freshener -

The plaster-air freshener are on sale at Daegu Art Factory

Jan. 17 (Seller & Goods) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Artist Items
Kim, Eun-ju
watercolor, canvas, acrylics
The Kkeulrim
pen pot, table clock, owl cushions, etc.
artist items (colored pencils, acrylic, pastel)
Kraft Props
A handful scent
natural plaster air fresheners
Owl’s Soft Dough
handmade cookies
Hwang, Myun
hair ties
Na, Si-eun
handmade ribbon accessories
Bom-bom deco
soap-flower pots, pens, flower baskets
Flea market Items
Asobi market
pressed flower phone cases, bookmarks, post cards

Hwang-myunhair tie -

The hair ties are on sale at Daegu art factory flea market

[Daegu Art Factory]
-Location: 58-2, Suchang-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu (Annexed warehouse of the former Daegu Tobacco Factory)
-Admission fee: Free

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