Monday, January 12, 2015

[Restaurant/Press Article] Experience the Real Korea!─Bukseongro Bulgogi & Udon Tents

Experience the Real Korea!─Bukseongro Bulgogi & Udon Tents

The place I’m going to tell you about in this article is maybe one of my favourite places to visit in Daegu. This place is a well kept secret that is a ‘must see’ when travelling to Daegu. It’s a cheap night, a fun night. It’s the Bulgogi tents.

The tent for having Bulgogi & Udon

The tent is filled with people who have Bulgogi & Udon

The Bulgogi tents or ‘ Bukseongro Bulgogi’ is located near downtown Daegu. It isn’t a restaurant but more of a night time street food experience.  The street has a number of sellers trying to entice you in. Each tent is set up fairly similarly.  You turn up, push your way through the crowds, pick a plastic table, take a seat on your plastic chairs and order from the simplest and yummiest menu around.

Bowls of Udon
A plate of Bukseongro Bulgogi

The only things served here are Udon(noodle soup) and Bulgogi beef . You can order a small plate of Bulgogi for 5000 won which is about enough for one hungry person or the 20,000 won plate which will feed a whole table. There is of course the obligatory beer and Soju that can be ordered. It’s well priced and a great way to taste Korean food.

A kitchen of the tent restaurant

A seller here told me that the people working on this street have been here for many years and their families have passed their Bulgogi recipes down through generations. This place is the perfect place to experience the real Korea. Everyone is shocked to see the foreigners but always welcoming. Every time I have been here with friends we have left with a few free drinks from the locals. It is the perfect place to bring visiting friends or family. Everything on the menu is well priced and the tents are open late so many people start their night here, and if you aren’t careful you will end your night here since you won’t want to leave.

To get to the tents:

Head to Jungangro subway station and jump in a taxi. Ask the taxi to take you to ‘Bukseongro Bulgogi’ tents. It is quite famous with Korean people and they should know where to go. You will be dropped off opposite Daegu Bank. Cross the road and the alley with the tents on it is located to the right of the bank. 

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