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[Restaurant/Press Article] 'What(머꼬; Meokko)' Barbecue in Daegu 2030 Alley

'What(머꼬; Meokko)' Barbecue in Daegu 2030 Alley
'What(머꼬; Meokko)' Barbecue is already a well-known restaurant within the foreign community, but for those new to Daegu, maybe you haven’t yet heard of it.
*머꼬(Meokko) is a Daegu dialect of 'what's that' in Korean

The gate of the barbecue restaurant
There are so many barbecue places in Daegu that it is very difficult to tell one from the other. 'What' Barbecue is quite a large restaurant as far as barbecue places go. It caters to its foreign customers with an English menu as well as some English-speaking servers. Customers sit on benches in front of tables with their own personal gas grills. The grills are slanted, and there is a tin at one end to catch any fat that drips off the delicious meat.

A menu of the barbecue restaurant
'What' Barbecue has a selection of pork from Korea and Austria and beef from America. While most barbecue restaurants in Korea just serve plain meat, 'What' has a few different seasoning options for the pork, including crushed black pepper, mixed herb, or whole grain. There is even a seasoning the restaurant calls “Obama,” or you can try coke marinated pork. Each portion comes with two long strips of meat. The pork from Austria is the cheapest at about 5,500 won per portion, and the Korean pork is about 8,000 won per portion. Perhaps the portions are larger with the Korean meat. Either way, the prices are reasonable, and you can easily order several portions without breaking the bank. There are no seasoning options for the beef, but you can either choose to have rib meat for 8,000 won or beef belly for 7,500 won.

The side dishes

Herb seasoned Samgyeopsal

Samgyeopsal and side dishes are grilled
Another great part of Korean barbecue is the side dishes, and 'What' Barbecue provides customers with a ton of them. Besides the traditional kimchi, lettuce leaves, pickled radish, garlic, and fermented bean paste dip, 'What' gives customers salad, pieces of kimchi pancake, and bean sprouts. Do as the Koreans do and grill your kimchi and bean sprouts with the meat, enhancing their flavor. The side dishes are like a meal in themselves at 'What' Barbecue.

2030 Alley
In order to get to 'What' Barbecue, head in the direction of Traveler’s Bar and Grill. Go out of exit 10 at Banwoldang Station. Take your first left down an alleyway. At the end of the alley, take a right and then your first left. Traveler’s will be on your left. Continue walking straight down the same street until you see Eat Bread on the left side of the street. 'What' Barbecue is located down a narrow alleyway that is almost across the street from Eat Bread. There is a telephone pole that obscures the entrance to it a bit, but the alley has a blue sign over it, and it is right after a clothing store called JJunie that is also on the right side of the street. Walk down the alley, and 'What' Barbecue will be on your right side. Look for the sign that says, “What.”

'What' Barbecue provides customers with deliciously seasoned meat at decent prices. The foreigner-friendly atmosphere makes it all the more inviting. Next time you have a craving for meat, stop by 'What' for some of the most unique barbecue in the city.

['What(Meokko)' Barbecue ]
-Address: 28-12, Samdukdong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu(대구광역시 중구 삼덕동1 28-12)
-Phone: 053-422-3789

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