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[Event] Daegu Leaps forward to a Global City via the World Water Forum

The post of 7th World water forum

The World Water Forum is the world's largest meeting on water. Every three years since 1997, the World Water Council (WWC) has held each World Water Forum on or around World Water Day (March 22nd). The World Water Forum consists of at least three processes: the Political Process, the Thematic Process and the Regional Process, while gathering officials, legislators and local and regional authorities from more than 150 nations. Each topic is developed in cooperation with the private sector, governments, industry, IGOs, NGOs and academic groups into a common framework of goals and concrete targets to reach.

Started from the 1st World Water Forum in Marrakesh, Morocco, The World Water Forum has been held every three years since 1997. Daegu got the opportunity to be a host for the 7th World Water Forum in 2015.  Following table shows the past host cities.

Previous Fora
Marrakesh, Morocco
-Theme: Vision for Water, Life and the Environment
-Participants: About 500 entries from 63 countries
Netherlands, The Hague
-Theme: From Vision to Action
-Participants: About 5,700 entries from 114 countries
Japan, Kyoto
-Theme: A Forum with a Difference
-Participants: About 24,000 entries from 183 countries
Mexico, Mexico City
-Theme: Local Actions for a Global Challenge
-Participants: About 20,000 entries from 168 countries
Turkey, Istanbul
-Theme: Bridging Divides For Water
-Participants: About 33,000 entries from 192 countries
France, Marseille
-Theme: Time for Solutions
-Participants: About 34,000 entries from 173 countries

Total of 16 main themes, which will establish the core framework of the 7th World Water forum, were selected at the end of last year. Those themes have been grouped with four main subjects such as Water Security, Water for Development and Prosperity, Water for Sustainability, and Constructing Feasible Implement Mechanisms. Detailed information of the 16 Themes shows in the upcoming table. The Science & Technology process is newly included in the 7th World Water Forum to make sure the implementation of solutions drawn from the previous editions of the forum. By hosting the Forum, Daegu is expected to become a global leader in the water sector.
 2015 World water forum will be held in Daegu

The Thematic Framework
The Future We Want
1. Water Security for All
1.1. Enough Safe Water for All
1.2. Integrated Sanitation for All
1.3. Adapting to Change : Managing Risk and Uncertainty for Resilience and Disaster Preparedness
1.4. Infrastructure for Sustainable Water Resource Management and Services
2. Water for Development
and Prosperity
2.1. Water for Food
2.2. Water and Energy
2.3. Water and Cities
3. Water for Sustainability : Harmonizing Humans and Nature
3.1. Green Growth, Water Stewardship and Industry
3.2. Managing and Restoring Ecosystems for Water Services and Biodiversity
3.3. Ensuring Water Quality from Ridge to Reef
3.4. SMART Implementation of IWRM
Engines For Change
4. Constructing Feasible Implementation Mechanisms
4.1. Economics and Financing for Innovative Investments
4.2. Effective Governance : Enhanced Political Decisions, Stakeholder Participation and Technical Information
4.3. Cooperation for Reducing Conflict and Improving Transboundary Water Management
4.4. Water Cultures, Justice and Equity
4.5. Enhancing Education and Capacity Building

Forum Overview
ㆍTitle: 7th World Water Forum 2015
ㆍTheme: Water for Our Future
ㆍDate: April 12 ~ 17, 2015
ㆍVenue: Daegu EXCO, Gyeongju HICO
ㆍHosts: Molit, Ministry of Envifonment, Colorful Daegu, Pride Gyeongbuk, K water
ㆍCo-organizers: World Water Forum 2015
ㆍParticipation: Governments, International organizations, NGOs, Research institutes and Enterprises from about 200 nations.
ㆍLanguage: Korean, English and so on   

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