Wednesday, March 25, 2015

[Event] Flea Market & Free dance performance at Daegu Art Factory

Daegu Art Factory Flea Market
Let's say, you want to go somewhere to experience something UNIQUE. What if, however, the last cold snap bothers you? Or what if you run out of money at the end of the month? I would like to drag you to a fantastic place which provides you an indoor free event this upcoming Saturday, 28th March.
Daegu event in March
A flea market will be held at Daegu Art Factory
On last Saturdays each month, a Flea Market, called Art Factory Market, is held at Daegu Art Factory. It is hosted by both artists and citizens. This is a great chance to see unique hand craft products. If you want to join the Art Factory Market as a seller, fill out an application available on the internet in the last week of the month. The application for April sellers is going to be uploaded on the official website and blog soon!
Enjoy free dance performance at Daegu Art Factory
Especially, this month, Daegu Art Factory provides a dance performance of a very noted painting. Have you watched any 3D performance based on any well-known paintings? This Saturday, Rainbow Performance Group 'AIKO' will show "The Gleaners", one of the famous paintings of Millet, with dancing. Performers wear exactly the same clothing from the painting and they reproduce the meaning of masterpiece with a storytelling. It is meaningful to "feel" the masterpiece via 3D instead of a flat paper. After the 3D performance of famous painting, performers change their costumes to a Thailand traditional dress, and show you a Thailand traditional dance within the frame just like a moving painting in the Harry Potter movie. This unique performance would give you a full-of-energy and artistic atmosphere.

I know, now, you are writing "Art Factory Market" down in your planner for this Saturday's schedule :) Following is the information about how to get there and time schedule of each event.

Daegu Art Factory Event Schedule

Deagu Art Factory

-Address : (700-850) 31-12, 22-gi (Street), Dalsung-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu.
-By Bus : take off the bus from one of 3 destinations below and walk approximately 5mins
ㆍDowon Apartment : 101, 101-1, 420, 420-1, 618, 808, bukgu#2
ㆍSuchang Elementary school: 300, 414, 427, 808, 939, donggu#2, bukgu#2, bukgu#3.
ㆍKyungjinTechVil: 651, 653
-By Subway
Get off at Daegu station on line #1 and Exit#3. Then 10 minutes walk to the Taepyeong junction (Westward).

Event Schedule

Daegu Flea Market [Art Factory Market]
-Time: 1:00pm~5:00pm
-Location: 1st floor of Art Factory

Daegu Free Performance [3D Dance performance of famous painting]
-Time: 1:00pm~5:00pm
-Location: the lobby at Art factory (1st floor)
-Cast: Rainbow performance group


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