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[Living] Popular Spring Trails for Cherry Blossoms

As the cold snap was gone, spring flowers such as lovely pink cherry blossoms and fresh yellow forsythias come into full bloom. Are you planning to go somewhere for flower viewing? Here in Daegu, we have many spots intoxicating you with the scent of spring.
Doesn't it sound interesting to you in that you can have a chance to escape from your busy routine days? I would introduce 7 themes of spring trails and 5 flower festivals as well for you to let make a delighted memory with your family, friends, and lover.

* When are the peak days for Cherry Blossoms?
In Daegu, cherry flowers normally begin to bloom in early April and continue in full bloom for about two weeks. Now it is an excellent time to chill out your tough day enjoying the beautiful flowers.
7 Themes of Spring Trail
#1  Spring Trails for Commuting

- Hwarang-Ro (from MBC Crossroad to Hyomok Crossroad)
- Hyunchung-Ro (from Apsan Junction to Hyunchung three way intersection)
- Duryu park-Ro (from Duryu park Crossroad to Entrance of Eworld)
- Muhak-Ro (from Dusan five-way intersection to Sangdong crossroad)

If you want to smell spring blossoms during your commute time, it’s a good idea to take these routes and refresh yourself before you get to the office.


#2 Spring Trail for Driving

The most memorable spring trails in Daegu for car driving lovers are Palgong ring road (from Palgong CC three intersection to Sutae gol), Okpo-Ro (from Yongyeon temple gate to senior welfare center), Dasa-Ro (from Dasa Elementary school to Hyerang Bridge), and Herti-Ro (the street along with Gachang Dam).
Driving along with one of those trails would enables you to have a pleasant and comfy weekend.


#3 Spring Trail for Strolling

Apsan, Duryu park, Suseong resort, Dongchon resort, Mangwoodang park, Gumgang riverside walk, Flower hills near the Gyeongbuk provincial government building, and Sincheon riverside are good for walking and having a romantic time with spring flowers. Above all, each Geumho and Shincheon riverbanks is the place where pink cherry flowers and yellow forsythia are flourishing together and create a colorful scenic view. Additionally, parks and resorts offer a well-known lighting show of cherry blossoms at night so that you can encounter the spring blossoms both day and night.

#4  Spring Trail for a Picnic with Children.

Daegu arboretum, Daegu Stadium, Hwawon resort, Herb Hills, Kyungpook National University, and Kyeimyung University seongseo campus are the perfect spots for having a picnic with children. Especially, Daegu arboretum, Herb Hills, and Hwawon resort offer nature activities for kids. So I would recommend these places for those who are looking for the place for children.

#5  Spring Trail Closer to Downtown

You want to go somewhere near downtown, don’t you? Kyungsang Kamyoung park, Gukchaebosang memorial park, 2.28 Memorial park, Dalseong park, and Jin ally are close to downtown, dongseong-Ro where you can easily reach.

#6 Spring Trail for Forest Therapy

Palgong ring road connected to Palgong Olle tracking course #7 and #8, Apsan park, and Bisul mountain provide you a cozy place for taking a green shower. If you feel more like going closer destination for a forest therapy, Waryong mountain also would fit to your preference.

#7  Spring Trail for Cycling

Daegu Kangjungbo is an excellent road for cycling and tracking. I know you would love this trail by seeing fascinating scenes along the Nakdong River and by feeling the breeze from the river. Recently, Kangjungbo became a backdrop for the famous variety TV show 'Running Man'. Like they run at Kangjungbo, it is time for you to run and ride a bike along the riverside on the gentle breeze.

As shown above, varied themes of spring trails do exist in Daegu. Also, five cherry blossom festivals will be held in Daegu upcoming April. Now, all you need to do is to set up a plan for a cherry blossom festival and enjoy it. I hope you to visit those spots and have a delightful day in spring 2015.

The schedule for cherry blossom festivals in Daegu

Name of Festival
E world cherry blossom festival
3.20 ~ 4.17, 2015
Entrance of 83 tower
Yuga Hanjung-ri
cherry blossom festival
4.3 ~ 4.5, 2015
Dalchang reservoir
Okpo cherry blossom
singing contest
4.4 ~ 4.5, 2015
Dalseong senior welfare center
cherry blossom festival
4.10 ~ 4.14, 2015
water fountain at palgong donghwa area
Bisul Korean Rosebay festival
4.15 ~ 4.26, 2015
Korean rosebay Habitat of Bisul mountain

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