Friday, March 13, 2015

[Living / Press article] Roan Laser Hair Removal Clinic

Since posting about a laser clinic in Daegu that my friends and I started going to last year, I’ve received several comments and questions asking for details about the place. I thought I’d address all those questions at once and write a more formal post about the laser clinic I go to for the Touch Daegu blog, so here it goes.

The clinic is called the Raon Clinic, and it is located up in Chilgok. The prices are very low, especially when compared to those in the USA. The pricing all includes five treatments, one per month for five months. Underarms cost about 30,000 won, lower legs cost about 160,000 won, and the bikini line costs 210,000 won. The prices are subject to change and may fluctuate by a few thousand won, but, again, these prices include five treatments. I’m sure they would be open to doing laser on other parts of the body, but you would have to speak to the doctor about pricing for those areas.

Daegu hair laser

The doctor at the clinic speaks fairly good English and can explain the procedure to you in English. Before your first treatment, especially for larger sections of your body, the doctor may have a meeting with you in his office. He will take some close-up photos of your hair and discuss the laser procedure and methods a bit. Please be aware that the darker and thicker your hair is, the more effective the laser procedures are. The doctor makes it very clear at the start that many foreigners need to come back for a second course of five treatments. After five procedures, you should have about 70% of your hair removed, and after 10, you should have 90% removed.

The nurses, who also run the front desk and make appointments, do not speak English. But even with limited communication skills, you can make your future appointments with them easily enough in person. They usually make your next appointment as you check in for the current one. All your appointments will go the exact same way. Depending on which parts of your body you are having laser on, you will be asked to change into either a strapless robe and/or a pair of baggy shorts so that none of your clothes get dirty. The nurses will then shave whichever areas you are having the laser on. When the doctor comes in, the nurse will apply a gooey gel that will help protect your skin from the laser, and she will also give you dark glasses to put on to protect your eyes. The laser treatment itself takes less than 10 minutes. You may experience a little bit of discomfort, such as stinging or heat, but it should not be very intense. If you are having your legs done, you will need to go into the back room and sit under a light that is meant to cool and heal your skin for 10 minutes after the procedure is complete. If you are having your arm pits or another small area done, you will not need to do this. It is quite a short and simple treatment, and the doctors and nurses at Raon Clinic are very nice and helpful.  

Raon clinic in Chiligok, Daegu

To make an appointment, please have a Korean-speaking person call 053-654-0278. As previously mentioned, the nursing staff who run the front desk really don’t speak English, so you will not be able to make an appointment in English over the phone. They don’t seem to like taking appointments any later than 6pm, but getting there by 6pm from the Sangin area hasn’t been a problem for me, and Sangin is quite a bit further south than Chilgok.

There are several buses that go to the area of the Raon Clinic. From Banwoldang station exit 10 (take a left as you exit the station and the bus stop is right near the Paris Baguette), I take the rapid line 2 to chilgokGreenville 3-cha. Additional buses that stop at this bus stop are the 706, Chilgok 2, and 939. The walk to the clinic from the bus stop is only about 5 minutes. Go to the right as you get off the bus and walk to the crosswalk. Cross the street so that you are in front of the Paris Baguette and then cross the street again so that you are diagonal from where you were first. Continue walking straight from there. You will have to cross the street three further times as you walk straight before you get to the street that the Raon Clinic is on. When you pass a fruit shop on the corner, you will not need to cross the street anymore. The Raon Clinic is just a few doors down from the fruit shop. You will see a pink sign on the side of a building to your right that says “라온” on it in Korean. You have to walk under the overhang of a small parking area of that building to get to the door. Go into the building, and walk down a small hallway to the right. Either take the elevator or walk up the stairs to the second floor, and the Raon Clinic will be directly in front of you. Additionally, their business card says that you can take the Chilgok 1 to the yeongnamneovill bus stop, which is directly across from the clinic. Either way, please use the Daegu Bus Information website (available in English) to plan the trip to either bus stop from your area.

I hope this article has helped the foreign women of Daegu find a good place to get laser hair removal. It is well worth it to get laser hair removal done in Korea where the prices are extremely low, and the Raon Clinic provides patients with a comfortable office and friendly staff. So check out the Raon Clinic if you are interested in getting laser hair removal. 


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