Friday, April 10, 2015

[Restaurant] Enjoy the essence of Korean cuisine~ Dongseong-ro Kimchi Jjim!

It can be uncomfortable just wandering into an unfamiliar restaurant in Daegu. You don’t know if the waiters speak any English or if the menu will be offered in English. Sometimes, you may not know where to get the food you want. It’s hard to get out of that comfort zone and try a new restaurant, especially when if you are also trying a new kind of food for the first time. That being said, there is one Korean dish that is well-worth the hassle and awkwardness you may experience while trying to find it: kimchi jjim. It’s like a kimchi pot roast. Kimchi jjim is slow-cooked meat marinated and served with kimchi. It is one of the best traditional Korean dishes.

If kimchi jjim sounds like something you want to try, look no further than Dongseongro Kimchi Jjim. The restaurant has just two menu items that you can either take-out or eat-in. They serve kimchi jjim and kimchi jigae (kimchi soup). Both cost 7,000 won per serving to eat-in and 6,000 won per serving to take-out. Both dishes are delicious, and portions are generous. For four people, ordering two servings of each should be plenty.

The kimchi jigae cooks at your table and comes with ramen noodles that you can add yourself. There are pork strips in the soup, so if you order both dishes, your meal won’t lack for meat and will be very satisfying. The kimchi jjim is just a piece of meat served next to a large chunk of warm kimchi that you have to cut up yourself. It looks pretty average, but it tastes incredible. You will not be sorry. The meal, like all Korean meals, is served with a good amount of side dishes as well. And make sure you order some rice as well to help with the spice.

You can find Dongseongro Kimchi Jjim on Dongseongro Street, the main street between Banwoldang and Jungangro stations. Go out exit 14 of Banwoldang station and continue walking straight for five minutes. Take your second left, and Dongseongro Kimchi Jjim will be on your right. There are three white signs with black and red writing on them around the outside of the restaurant. Dongseongro Kimchi Jjim is also pretty close to the yangyeongsi bus stop. If you head back towards the YMCA and Banwoldang station from that stop, take a right to head down the alleyway, and it will be on your right.

Branch out and try some delicious Korean food without having to worry about finding a good restaurant on your own. Dongseongro Kimchi Jjim may not seem very special from the outside, but the food is amazing.

Dongseongro Kimchi Jiim
7-3 Dongseongno 3(sam)-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu

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