Monday, May 11, 2015

Chase the Open road : Buk-gu Free Bicycle Repair Center

Chase the Open road : 
 Buk-gu Free Bicycle Repair Center 

Summer weather is here! Have an old bike that needs to be repaired? Is the bike you used last year collecting dust? Get out, get your bicycle tuned up, and take an amazing bike ride along the river!

Just moments from downtown, you can escape the urban jungle by biking along the riverbank. Follow the Sincheon River heading south and experience a verdant oasis that cuts right through the heart of Daegu. There are luscious wetlands, bird sanctuaries and budding trees that thrive beside the river’s bike path.

Three friendly, local residents of Daegu (the owner 김준명 Kim Jun Myeong in the middle) have been operating a trail side bicycle repair and tuning shop since 2011. Weekends are always busy with customers. Mr. Kim estimates that more than 70 cyclists on any given weekend stop by to tune or repair their bicycles. 
Mr. Kim also has an ice-cold water filter if you need a quick refill before hitting the trail again.   

There are solar-powered pump stations scattered all around the bike shop. Talk about being eco-friendly!

Hours of operation are from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday and from 10:00 am 5:00 pm on Saturdays. The shop is located in Buk-gu along the Sincheon river bike route heading south. You can’t miss it if you’re coming from or going to Kyungbook National University.

-       The star indicates where the trailside bicycle shop is located.
-       666-7 Chimsan-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu

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