Thursday, May 21, 2015

[Beautiful daegu] Hidden Family Outing Spot! Bulro Ancient Tombs Park

Hidden Family Outing Spot! Bulro Ancient Tombs Park
Are you looking for family outing spots in Daegu? Then, we love to introduce the Bulro Ancient Tombs Park which changed into the green break area and eco experience parked recently.

The Bulro Ancient Tombs Park is originally built for the purpose of preserving the tumulus from the Three Kingdom Period(5~6C). Lately the park completed remodeling to become a park which can provide ecofriendly environment to the visitors.

Now the park consist of 3 fields. The first field is made up of natural grasslands and the pine tree habitat. At the second field you can meet the narrow-mouthed toad habitat and maquette of the ancient tombs.
Lastly the third field is built as the habitat of kingfisher and amphibian. At the second and third field you might be lucky to see the endangerd animals like narrow-mouthed toads and kingfishers from observation decks.
 Or you can run into them during a stroll along the 6th Palgongsan Olle Road in the Bulro Ancient Tombs Park.

Besides, near the park there are many and various cultural heritage sites like Dodong Thuja Forest(Natural monument #1), Otgol Village(Head House of Gyeongju Choi Clan), Donghwasa Temple, Gatbawi Rock etc.

The Bulro Ancient Tombs Park is a place you can enjoy the nature in the City. Why don’t you visit there with your family or friends?

Address : 335 Bulro-dong Dong-gu Daegu (대구광역시 동구 불로동 335)

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