Monday, May 18, 2015

[Restaurant] The Pork Salon

The Pork Salon

Tired of field exercises?  Tired of Army food?  Really tired of Army food on field exercises?  Well here is a place that has an outdoor feel with all the extras that come with a BBQ in the backyard.  The main menu item is samgyupsal.  Some refer to it as Korean bacon.

 The difference is that American bacon is smoked or cured.  Most Korean samgyupsal is not.  It can either be brought to the table raw or frozen and it is the same cut as bacon.  Then you can cook it to your specifications right at your table.

This is a new family restaurant located Youngnam University Hospital four-way intersection.  It is also a one minute walk from YUMC subway station and about ten minutes from Camp Walker Gate 6, or also about ten minutes from the back gate of Camp George.  

 There is limited parking nearby.  Although the staff members have very limited English, they do have an English menu upon request.

This restaurant has a very warm feeling and we felt welcome as soon as we opened the door.

The food is standard fare for a samgyupsal place and there are several options to choose from.  We opted for the four meat platter.  I comes with Black pepper, Garlic, Marinated and Plain.

Each order also comes with a large bowl of Pork and Kimchi stew.  We found the serving of meat in the stew was almost equal to one of the servings on the meat platter.

Each standard set of side dishes comes on a tray, along with two dipping sauces to compliment your meat.

There are two options for seating.  The first is inside the restaurant.  The second is outside in the fresh air.  We were there and a light rain began to fall, so they flipped a switch and we were instantly cover by an awning.

After your dinner they will provide you with several choices of coffee or soft drinks.  

There is also a relaxing place to sip your coffee or let the kids play around in that is like a little camp site.

So on your next outing for dinner with family or friends, you should head on over to Pork Salon.  I am sure you will agree, it is good food at a great price!  Enjoy!

Address : 147-13 Daemyeon5-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu
                (대구 남구 대명5 147-13) 
                (The opposite side of Lotteria)
Phone : 053-817-9933


  1. Cool! There is a Pork Salon near Yeungnam University, in Dae Dong. Delicious samgyeopsal and great atmosphere! :)

    1. Hi Erin, the owners business card has the address for the location you are talking about. Thanks for letting us know!