Monday, June 15, 2015

[Beautiful Daegu] Traditionla Market Tourism

Traditional Market Tourism

Despite the conveniences of SSMs and large marts, there are certain charms that traditional markets have. Also, in order to survive, many Korean traditional markets are trying various attempts at reforming themselves to appeal to a wider public. ‘2015 Korean Traditional Markets for Foreign Tourists’ project is part of such efforts.

Korean National Tourism Organization said it chose its ‘Traditional Markets for Foreign Tourists’. And the main criteria used in this selection were accessibility, food, nearby tourist resort and so on. Seomun market, the largest market in Daegu, was chosen as ‘2015 Korean Traditional Market for Foreign Tourists’ by tourism experts. Also, Pyeonghwa Market Chicken Alley is chosen ‘2015 Korean Food Theme Street’.

This project is expected to contribute to the growth of the tourism industry and to attract more foreign tourists!

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