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Current Exhibition of Daegu Art Museum(July, 2015)

Current Exhibition of Daegu Art Museum(July, 2015)

◆Yinka Shonibre MBE: Wilderness into a Garden
‣ Exhibition Period : May 30 – October 18, 2015

British-born Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare MBE (b.1962, London) is an acclaimed contemporary African artist known for his superb aesthetic sensibility. As a dark-complected individual raised in a white society, he unflinchingly examines how Eurocentrism and racism are deeply and unthinkingly embedded in Western society. However, his works are approachable, for his criticism of imperialism, colonialism and the distortions of history that lie at the root of racism and Eurocentrism are tempered by a sense of humor. 
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◆Y Artist Project 6 Youn, Donghee : Discovered Memories
‣ Exhibition Period : May 19 – October 4, 2015

Youn, Donghee (1983- ) addresses the theme of violence in his workmainlyin a political and social context. Thanks to his similar experiences Youn, is aware of the unjust violence inflicted by state power. 
The exhibition title Discovered Memories is derived from scribbles Youn, discovered by chance on the wall of his studio. The truth is always with us. To determine whether we subjectively perceive it or not is in the hands of each individual.
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◆The Daegu Trilogy
‣ Exhibition Period : May 19 – september 18, 2015

The exhibition “The Daegu Trilogy” includes three artists represented in the manner of three individual solo exhibitions in order to not only survey the current art of Daegu, but also to initiate a step towards the future. The three artists, Kim Ho Deuk, Yi Gee Chil, and Kim Hee Seon, are all based in Daegu, but actively practice both nationally and internationally and will present their signature works along with newly commissioned pieces.
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◆ Ottmar Hörl: Hommage to Dürer 
‣ Exhibition Period : February 10 - December 6
‣ Venue : Daegu Art Museum Outdoor Park

Ottmar Hörl has displayed his works in an open space where many can visit, not in typical exhibit spaces such as art museums or galleries, as he believes that public places are ideal for installing artworks. He attempts to break down the realistic restriction of the term “art” which denotes that works of art are only installed in restricted spaces such as art museums and galleries, posing a question of “What is contemporary art?” in this process.
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